Taurus Weekly Horoscope 20th August to 26th August 2018

Taurus Weekly Horoscope 20th August to 26th August 2018

The sun enters in trine of your sign. The moment has come to assimilate all the news that you have been able to garner in recent weeks, let your creativity speak by ceasing to intellectualize all your emotions under the pretext of protecting you from it. You manage not to follow only your instinct, to take into account the opinion of others in your initiatives, you stop wanting to impose your point of view or your methods.

This transit will prove to be a real stepping stone in your activities and could even make your finances take off. Everything will be played on the quality of the exchanges that you can maintain, on your availability, in a disorganized and often irresponsible, but full of good ideas. It is your flexibility that must be developed, the opportunity for you to confront the opinions of others in a climate full of benevolence and humanism.taurus weekly horoscope 20 to 26th august 2018

Your emotional life will be a big issue this week. Indeed, the effect of Venus matching the transit of Saturn will confront you with significant questions about your future in the very long term. You will be in tune with your deep needs, leaving aside some short-term satisfactions. Take the time to weigh everything before making a final decision.

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You will ask yourself some basic questions about your professional life. You will not be able to simply follow a routine stupidly, which will create stress if you are currently in a job that you do not like. It’s time to discover your true talents, beyond the immediate requirements. If three months ago you had resisted this personal assertion, it will be harder to resist this week.

Money and Luck
Your material life will give you shivers, this week of August 20th. You must expect to receive good news followed by unexpected costs to cover or pay immediately. It is in the effort to take a step back that you will have an objective vision of your material situation; Beware of your generosity that tends to push you too far in your spending, beware of compulsive shopping this week in particular.

The muscle movement will allow you to stabilize your mental energy throughout this week. The effects of a sedentary lifestyle could cause you some inconvenience. You are more sensitive to colds and all the possible effects of a sedentary lifestyle. The influences of Jupiter favor the effects of cures, therapies, etc. If you have the opportunity, do not deny it, it would strengthen your metabolism.