Taurus Weekly Horoscope 21st to 27th September 2020

Taurus Weekly Horoscope 21st to 27th September 2020

Venus, the ruler of Taurus, in Libra, makes appearances this week with Pluto and Saturn. Listen to the body and renew energy if you can in the water or nature. Silence does not imply inactivity, but quality communication. Say less, but communicate more deeply.

Do activities to feel more connected and in touch with your inner being. If there are fluctuating emotions, they can make art, draw, or paint to express them. This week will be ideal for a good detox of toxic people, situations, and places with the new moon in Libra. General cleaning is coming, especially of links.taurus weekly horoscope 21st to 27th september 2020

The new season is going to bring a series of changes to your Taurus life. A new conception about you and all your work will help you a lot with your creativity and everything that you are capable of giving about yourself. Bet on your skills and everything you are capable of doing.

Changes are always difficult and more so when we tend to settle for what we have. If you need to change and don’t know where to start, keep it simple. Make a small change in your routine such as exercising or practicing the hobby that you like the most. Little by little you will notice the change.

A tip: you are in a very special moment to enjoy Tauru’s love. Let yourself be carried away by your feelings and go for it.

It is with patience and moderation that you achieve your projects. The influence of Saturn pushes you, willy-nilly, to chomp on the brakes. Yet you are starting projects that will radically change your life and in line with your hope.

You radiate sensitivity, desire, and benevolence and gain popularity. The days to come will be punctuated by joie de vivre, optimism, initiative, and camaraderie. You are willing to connect with your partner and the people you care about. You listen to confidences and reveal what you feel with a lot of force of conviction.

The key to your success lies in one thing: your great mastery, in fact, you very effectively control management and quality, your working time, you optimize, you innovate, you develop, you do not stop. Your motivation is great, you are at ease in your professional world, it is with pleasure that you take on the task. You can take a well-deserved break.

The passage of Saturn has highly favorable effects in obtaining a promotion or landing a new position. It wouldn’t be surprising if you made new commitments or took on new responsibilities. Either way, your ambitions are up to your abilities.

Money and Luck
Your efforts are paying off. Your financial income is on the rise. You are entering a period that announces the end of privations and sacrifices. You can breathe. You can buy what you want without wondering if it will backfire on you. Although you are now more comfortable, this is no reason to repeat the same mistakes. This week of September 21, master your generosity. Taurus Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

An intrepid sky boosts you and strongly encourages the implementation of your multiple and varied projects. Caught in the pincers by ardent energy and duty of reserve, you must therefore try to evolve as serenely as possible towards your goals without ruining your reserves or recklessly drawing on energy considerably constrained by common sense.

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