Taurus Weekly Horoscope From February 27 to March 5, 2017

Taurus Weekly Horoscope February 27 to March 5, 2017

Work: If you try to renew yourself and no longer look at the past, look now to see who you leave lying on the road. Meditate on this and act as you gave your heart. At work, obstacles to solve the situations that arise.

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Bad decisions and problem solving. The hopes of material progress are taking on new directions in these very auspicious days. You can receive offers or define businesses or partnerships. Good day for signatures of important documents, purchase of real estate or business investments. Bad day for gambling, only mentally designed speculations will bear fruit. Watch out for the last days of the week, be aware of the difficulties.

Love: The communication will be altered and will lead to misunderstandings and great discussions in the couple, which will last almost the whole week. In order to be able to continue with your partner you will have to tone down your reproaches, otherwise it will move away definitively. The only way to reach the peace you need is to take refuge in love. All this negative panorama in the love will provoke in these natives a deep depression of which they will have that tries to leave. This lack of dialogue can significantly damage the relationship, if not acting properly should face distances, but it is still appropriate to express your ideas even if these are different from those of your partner.

Health: Beware of excesses in food and drinks, take advantage of these tangled days to make a purifying diet and go for a walk in nature. It will help doubly if your partner shares these moments with UD: plan a trip together, if you can not solve it at home you will have to resort to good natural therapy to rebuild your body. The art of being happy is within your reach, if you know how to love, if you become the source of unconditional love for yours and others, happiness is achieved with health at all levels, and knowing that it is the best cure for many Evils.

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