Taurus Weekly Horoscope 27th July to 2nd August 2020

Taurus Weekly Horoscope 27th July to 2nd August 2020

The 27th, Monday, is a day in which you will have “The handsome uploaded” and that attractiveness and that sympathy will help you a lot in all the commitments and acts that you must carry out. Try to prevent your emotions from altering your mood and enjoy this special day.

On Tuesday 28, today you will notice that if you have known how to explain your less coherent actions of the past with certain people, fortune will help you. But for this, you don’t have to think that you always sacrifice yourself. On the contrary, it draws strength from weakness and enjoys everything.taurus this week 27th july to 2nd august 2020

On Wednesday the 29th, you need to use everything that helps you shape your way of relating to others on this day. And you are fortunate to have a great intuition that is quite safe and reliable; so follow her and enjoy life.

On Thursday 30, today you must take advantage of your great energy and vitality for all your actions. And remember that your best guide is still intuition. But don’t be misled by false ideas. What your heart feels is right.

On Friday the 31st, you will notice that affection and warmth bring to your life better moments and many joys. Since before you noticed it regularly. And now, sometimes you have a hard time finding it again.

On Saturday the 1st, today memories of other places and other cultures will come to you. Of some trips that impressed you and of which you keep beautiful memories. Enjoy them.

And on Sunday the 2nd, this day it is advisable that you help that close person who always helps you, and who is currently in poor shape. Be by his side and help him.

Taurus Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

We start the weekly forecast from July 27 to August 2 focusing on the figure of the single Taurus. You are in a good time to meet people, Venus multiplies your seduction power and your natural charm.

You will want to have a life partner, find someone who truly understands you, although you do not want to completely close the door of fleeting and passionate adventures.

The paired, however, will want to be single at times, and not because she falls in love with someone who has just entered her life.

Rather, because the climate in the home will be stormy at various times, there will be a lot of noise and you will have to make great efforts to strengthen your ties with your spouse and build a new solid foundation on which to settle.

Interesting episodes are anticipated for Taurus on work-related matters; From the most unexpected situation, you will be able to make interesting contacts that will allow you to broaden your professional horizons in the most immediate future.

Mercury will help you take a big step if you are looking for a job that best suits your professional skills (or your circumstances, as appropriate). Do not forget your dream, and fight for your true vocation.

The week will be very fruitful for businesses related to letters and literature, the antique trade, and also for works of art.

You enjoy an astral atmosphere of the most stimulating of all the Horoscope, at least, in matters of health and well-being. Take advantage of the circumstances, lest they take time to repeat themselves.

You will look for new formulas that improve your body and your mind, because you will be very receptive to professional opinions, and you will keep away from the smoke sellers, who care more about your money than your situation.

Likewise, you will be able to do exercises to improve your self-esteem; some will consider undergoing cosmetic treatment to give a better appearance to the face and the whole body; others will simply accept diversity, and be content with what they already have.

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