Taurus Weekly Horoscope 29th July to 4th August 2019

After a few pleasant weeks of fluid and easy relationships, the sky is covered and promises a time when you will not be bored but lose some feathers if you do not pay much attention to what is happening in you and around you.

While it is good to question yourself from time to time, it is much less positive to systematically criticize one aspect or the other of your relationship. It is not by putting extra pressure or stress that you will get the necessary lightness to fulfilling loves. It’s time to relax and simply enjoy the simple pleasures that love life can offer you.

Your ambitions are not really present lately, this week it changes! If your professional activities were on stand-by, an evolution comes to the fore. Your motivation finds some colors thanks to timely help from outside. A new environment or new ways of working, everything is possible. Do not let your anxiety gain ground, relativize. The period is complex but nevertheless positive.

The smartest is to choose your fights well and not get lost in endless and sterile conflicts. If you are adaptable, you can draw great lessons from this period a little troubled but rich in ultra-sensual experiences!

Money and Luck
You tend to react to the cookie cutter. You do not listen to others. You follow your ideas. And contrary to your habits, you do not take the time to think. Alas, it’s your finances that will pay for it! This week, try to calm down because, in the nervousness, you will embark on expenses that you will regret and that will put you in the embarrassment.

This week of July 29 your mood may be a blow because your shape is at its lowest. You can not or do not physically motivate yourself to do what you have to do and this total impediment blocks both your positive ideas and your behaviors that can restore your fishing! Let go of the case, this week you do not take the events to act on your form.

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