Taurus Weekly Horoscope 29th March to 4th April 2021

Check this week’s Taurus horoscope for 29th March to 4th April 2021, Venus, ruler of Taurus, enters the moving air sign Gemini. A lot of interest will likely be aroused, in these times of conscious protection, in studying various subjects, taking different courses and tutorials, and taking advantage of the time for overdue readings. Invest in her mind and new knowledge, how important!

This week, that pressure that for a couple of years has been showing you what you should transform into your ideals and your way of seeing life will begin to increase. You will not be able to continue evading your need to free yourself from paradigms, fears, and other toxic ideas that prevent you from living a new adventure, a new story that takes you further than you have ever been.taurus this week horoscope 29th march to 4th april 2021

It is also the time of year when you begin to perceive that your masculine energy increases, and you have the strength and passion to pursue a work goal.

Just try to be patient because you can feel very angry with all the authority figures who do not allow you to move forward or who, in some way, slow your way. If you have a strained relationship with your dad or boss, the next few weeks a confrontation may come.
Taurus Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

It’s time to make your pending projects a reality, a radical change is within your reach. It’s up to you to dare to start afresh, to change your culture, your social environment, resume your studies or move closer to your authentic nature. Your personal development and your social evolution will be easier and faster, that’s for sure!

Taurus This Week Horoscope of Love, Luck, Health and Money | 29th March to 4th April 2021

You are in search of independence, this last week of March. Your temperament vigorously claims its space of expression. This will give you more confidence, especially in your way of loving. Your creativity in love is in good shape and tends to change as it deepens. Your sensitivity is expressed more openly. The meetings promise to be rich in challenges.

Mars, the planet that governs your impulses, changes to the sign Aquarius, of the air element. With this movement, you can feel more altered since your sign belongs to the earth element. Although on the one hand, it is very vitalizing, on the other you will feel an excess of energy that is important that you know how to direct it because, if you do not, you can be in fights and disagreements with those around you, exalting your most capricious and stubborn side. You will feel that others challenge you and you will not want to give in to anyone. If you want to handle this situation well, I advise you to find a way to express yourself without being aggressive.

You are preparing the ground, the sky is watching in the shadows over your interests but it hardly allows you to be in the spotlight at the moment. So, take care of your course, count your allies, disarm your enemies by redoubling your efficiency and prudence. Develop solid and proven arguments, be careful and far-sighted in the development of your projects.

You are changing your outlook on life and getting closer to your own nature. If you deny your abilities, the frustration you experience could escalate into inappropriate mood swings and isolate you. Accept with humility the changes that are taking place and unleash your creativity. Now is not the time to be a hermit.

Money and Luck
You are right to want to save the money in your bank account but you are making choices that go against this desire! Are you distracted, neglectful, or under the influence of someone disturbing your financial affairs? Either way, take back the reins of your wallet with rigor, and implementing what you envisioned would be beneficial for you without hurting or disadvantaging anyone.

This week, Venus, the planet associated with money and the pleasure of receiving it, begins its journey in the area of your horoscope of the economy by staying there for several weeks so you can make your financial plans. With this influence, you will have special luck in solving money issues; Therefore, it is good that you take the opportunity to request a bank loan, request some type of refinancing, or borrow money from someone. The important thing is that you know how to take advantage of the influence of the planet mentioned because it can increase your power to attract money.

If you control your overflows and channel your ogre appetites, you will enjoy good health and good morale. You benefit from the unconditional support of the stars which allow you to evolve and resist attempts at destabilization. Your behavior weakens you and exposes you to viruses, chronic ailments, and inflammation.

To have better health, taking into account the presence of Mars in Aquarius, you must calm your nerves and avoid having anxieties, bumps, and falls. You have these dates of care in the annual horoscope of your sign.

It is important during these days that you do not abandon your ideas to improve your economy; your mental strength is important so that you don’t get discouraged. For this, it is good that you rely on small rituals to increase the flow of money. For example, buy 100 dollar bills that are for the game and if you get them gold, it is even better. Put them in your agenda, on your desk, and in various places around the house, because the goal is to get used to seeing them. If you have cash, find the newest bills and leave them on your nightstand to view before bed. Feel them and get excited when you touch them, so you fall asleep with these sensations.

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