Taurus Weekly Horoscope 8th to 14th February 2021

Taurus Weekly Horoscope 8th to 14th February 2021

Taurus (born between April 21 and May 21): On Monday the 8th, you feel free and you will be able to move and unleash everything you do and mainly regarding your occupations and your profession. It is a day in which you can organize and “Do and undo” to your liking, both for your well-being and for everyone else.

On Tuesday the 9th, you need to use your intuitive form much more than your logical form; and thus you will find more easily the answers to each action you are going to carry out. Keep in mind that your exposure to others will be highly observed and scrutinized by other people. Wednesday the 10th will be a splendid day and all doors will be opened for you. If you use your intuition and optimism, nothing will stand in your way. So take advantage and carry out everything you have dreamed of for a long time.taurus weekly horoscope 8th to 14th february 2021

On Thursday 11th, you will be accompanied by optimism and joviality as in childhood. And you can fantasize and have fun like then. And you will realize that it was the secret to having accurate inspirations and intuitions of everything you want to do. Friday the 12th is a day to celebrate friendship and the people who accompany you in life. If you have a partner, of course too. It will be an ideal day to go to the movies.

On Saturday 13th, seize the moment and enjoy what life is giving you, be it joys or good luck. Everything is around you. Seize it. On Sunday the 14th you can take care of yourself and rest. Because if you feel good you will give twice as much. And that way you’ll be more comfortable than if you get caught up in a lot of action.

You are a sincere and dedicated friend. You are always there when you know that someone needs you to give them your love and comfort. But this week you might have the feeling that someone is trying to take advantage of you. So be wise and keep your eyes peeled. You are probably a man with a tender heart, but not to the point of being completely naive. Your sentimental and romantic affairs could improve a lot in the coming weeks. However, you should be aware that you could run the risk of giving evidence of unrealism in everything that relates to your current relationship. You will undoubtedly be perched on your little cloud and therefore have a wrong view of the situation.
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Be patient and understanding if you don’t want this week to turn into a sentimental fiasco. Your steps are not very rewarding no matter what area you are concerned about but this situation will not last forever, so try to limit the damage as much as possible and stay optimistic in human relationships.

Was a week that you could live with a touch of sentimental nostalgia better before? Between delicate questions and recurring thoughts, your love sector is in full doubt, your relationship too. If you are a heart to take, the ambient sad climate does not favor, for the moment, and reconciliation. Allow time to improve what can be improved and focus your energy on other aspects of your life.

You defend the acquired ground and you confront the differences of opinion which you meet within your professional circle. Heaven is calling on you to measure yourselves against adversity and face opposition. It is possible that your hierarchy challenges your plans or openly asks you to prove yourself.

You will have to learn to be discreet during this tiring week. The less you stand out, the easier your days will be, you are more likely to be disappointed in the current emotional exchanges but you may find some comfort in solitude, with the opportunity to reflect at the moment. calm.

Money and Luck
A confusing situation unsettles you, you don’t dare talk about it to someone around you, only you will have to do it because on your own you have trouble finding solutions. Before the end of the week, an arrangement is made, if your accounts are not green, you have the chance to see opportunities present themselves. Open your eyes and ears wide.

Surround yourself with nice and funny people, humor is always welcome in the event of a sudden blues. If you feel tired during the day, don’t go for caffeine doses, just listen to your body. Take a few moments to rest and relax, it is also an opportunity to recharge the batteries. When the pressure is too much, learn to breathe deeply.

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