Taurus Weekly Horoscope From February 6 to 12, 2017

Taurus Weekly Horoscope From February 6th  to 12th , 2017

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Work: Recover your mood by going for a walk, doing a long abandoned sport or resuming a creative activity that was not done long ago. Your chances of overcoming both at work and in the couple are high, as long as your mood and will are excellent. Remember that a healthy state attracts good luck and make possible what good luck offers you. Use the Law of Attraction to rebuild your destiny, day by day, in achieving money and achieving the material abundance you need in life.

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Love: Live and enjoy the love of the Present without thinking of tomorrow. A statement to put into practice NOW in time Present: I am an indolent and conscious walker, I am love, and also the lover, the lover, the partner, an inhabitant of A world that wants to be better … A citizen of the Universe that inhabits this earth and this time, and I am TODAY to love you. Give your partner a pleasant surprise of love: put it in contact with loved ones and lost long ago, it can be a friend or relative, and you will be rewarded for your action, then old communication problems will be overcome.

Health: Observe yourself through others, and try to improve relationships and improve yourself. Try to prevent the ailments that lurk by neglecting or demanding so much, try not to go wrong in health matters, have examples of healthy people around them, use them as inspiration. If your body does not respond as you wish it is that you are feeding badly or have little vital energy, which may be the result of an inefficient digestive system or too much activity, try not to attack your body or this will happen sooner or later.