Taurus Yearly Horoscope 2020 | Thrilling Journey

Taurus Yearly Horoscope Predictions for 2020 | Thrilling Journey

Taurus 2020 focus
You can finally understand some of the truths of life, throw away the desires and burdens of “squeezing the bar”, solve, clean up, and bid farewell to some of the lack of nourishment that still exists in life. You may also have a “fail-to-get” blessing or a gratifying major change.

When you pruned the dead leaves in your life, you paid off your debts, bought new clothes, and woke up in the morning of a bright future. You will find that your vision is wide open and you can fly yourself to the earth.taurus horoscope in 2020

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Even the most lavish Taurus will be full of blood and resurrection, “get it up”, become a bit “Don Quix”, a bit “uneasy”, even if there is a subversion, will dare to make a special new for the world first. Try, start new initiatives, even start a business, travel, study, change careers, have the opportunity to go to special places, meet special people, and open your eyes.

Taurus must know in 2020

On the one hand, you will work hard to promote and improve the new pattern of new autonomy and new life according to your own ideas and visions for many years. Even if you subvert the past, you will go your own way. On the other hand, you will end up with some problems that should have been settled, or solve the problem. People’s family affairs, personal problems, will see some cause and effect and gains and losses in the underworld, will complete the wish, or end years of mourning.

In 2020, you may have to greet some gains.

You may have indirect benefits, and “get nothing” . Especially through those who are proud of you and lose weight, such as husband and wife, family, partners, securities, insurance, etc., bring you wealth, assets, or the birth of children. Inadvertent charity brings you good results. You may have good luck, good fortune, gains from the sky, arrears and items that are almost unsuccessful for a long time, and maybe withdrawn at this time. The almost forgotten wishes may also be fulfilled. You may sigh, it turns out that it is precious and beautiful, and it can be done without any effort.

On the contrary, you may also spend money on these important people or things, or share your wealth and resources with your initiative, especially your home, partner, children, and partners. Even the Taurus, which is quite a must, will be more generous at the moment, and the heart will be softer.

It will be easier to make a contribution as much as you can. See goodness and happiness. You may also pay off your debts. At this moment, you are more and more aware that you are self-sufficient, and you don’t have to be obsessed with it to gain a sense of security. When you think about this, the world will also become vast due to your changes, and the birds will be fragrant.

In 2020, money is easy to lose. From mid-March to June, pay attention to theft prevention, anti-terrorism, and anti-missing. Pay attention to the financial affairs of the partnership, otherwise, it is easy to have financial disputes. If you are unfortunate enough to encounter these, you may be able to understand it as a kind of return, the right to break the money, or give alms, you will have more substantial gains next, this is nothing. Your stock, assets have the opportunity to add value by March, but then maybe volatile, it is best to just leave. At this moment, money seems to have a fixed number on it. If you are yours, you can’t hide, but it shouldn’t be yours.

In these years, your focus is still to explore and position your own role, to create a world of your own, so the quality of life does not depend solely on the wealth, status, and achievements that are visible, but on what you feel is meaningful. Go where you want to go, this is the life you are advancing and perfecting.

In 2020, you will not give up, give up some old things, get rid of the annoying tie, take care of the family, and clear the anecdote of Chen Sesame.

You may have to solve some of the anecdotes or messes that have not been done. Most of them are good things that should have been completed and ” good merits “. Some of them started in the second half of 2020. It is the end of 2020 and the solution is solved. Usually, things are not too big or difficult, but they are rather embarrassing, especially in mid-March to June. After September, you can basically get it done. You can put your energy and time more wholeheartedly. In the things that I really want to do and want to try, I will try my best to build my ideal life.

You may also let go of the obsession that allows you to “screw” for years and let go of some “owning”. You may also be active or forced to bid farewell to some familiar people or things, or some people who are used to a long time, environment, supplies, they may be “old”, backward, which is probably the natural law of metabolism, the survival of the fittest. You once felt awkward and ups and downs, especially in March-August.

When you finish this, let go of your heart and trim off those “buttered leaves”, the baggage can finally be unloaded, and the feeling of “deficit” that once existed in the heart will be filled up, and then you can get a better life, your life. And even the whole person’s state will be significantly improved.

Taurus environment and home in 2020

you are in new changes and new looks. Most of them are gratifying improvements, such as new home occupation, decoration, personnel increase, and decrease, childbirth, family happy events, important supplies upgrade, relocation, etc. On the contrary, it will be troublesome, and there may be disputes, right and wrong, contradictions or other tossing things such as big construction and homelessness, especially in March-August.

In 2020, you are more likely to be soft, moving, and emotional. Your happiness and good fortune come from friends and relatives, old knowledge, opportunities to reunite, gather, and reciprocate, enjoy the family, open your heart and appeal to your heart. The past is not like smoke. Old people may reappear in the past. They have the opportunity to find friends, reunite, revisit the place, touch the scene, and think about things. The memories are always warm. You may also have a busy house, a companionship, and a deep feeling, and it is also a kind of relaxation and affection.

Most of the time in 2020, it is not when you are in the best state, and you are very popular. From March to August, you may be prone to sleepiness, tiredness, lack of energy, and poor rest. If there is an old disease, it is easy to relapse, and it is necessary to take time to heal. After August, there is a chance to get a radical cure or significant improvement.

In 2020, you are suitable for cleaning up old things, paying off debts, claiming compensation, and eliminating “backward production capacity” in your life. It is suitable for refueling, rectifying old problems, repairing, visiting relatives, visiting old knowledge, revisiting the place, donating blood, donating, giving, and collecting debts. Paying debts, learning, spirituality, making love, cleaning up old things, cleaning. Many good deeds will be blessed!

In 2020, while you clean up and settle these old things, private affairs, and family affairs, you will start some things you really want to do when you have a gap, and build or improve your new life, new home, new runway, especially in After September, many things have come along, and the same has been done.

After years of experience and exploration, you have become very sophisticated and mature in the journey of life until 2020. Although you are not necessarily confident, you are more courageous, more independent, and more powerful inside. This also means that you can hold up one side of the world and be able to calmly deal with all kinds of changes.

You start to look at Vientiane from a broader perspective, gradually identify the development direction, role, and positioning that suits you, and build a life contour that suits you. When you look around, you really start doing what you want to do, go where you want to go, and live the life you have thought of.

You have the courage to break the unknown, dare to dare to do it, even if you want to go it alone.

In 2020, you will open the tide and see a golden avenue. After about September, your status will gradually improve, and your days will be more comfortable, and you can control your own rhythm. Especially when you have solved the problems left over from history and sent away the old hang-ups of old people, the sense of distress and restraint will disappear completely as you come out. You are the sun and you don’t need anyone to shine.

You will gradually get refreshed, the big day the earth, way of life and full of possibilities.

You are self-sufficient and you can feel full and satisfied without asking for it. You will gradually live more real and natural, and more freely , will be like a young man who has just entered the world, will dare to dare to do it without thinking, to do things according to his own methods, even if he risks some uncertainty, even if Break the rules and subvert the tradition .

You will be excited and active for some meaningful and interesting things. There are different “new ways of playing” and there are new experiences that are very different from the past. Although you are not a natural adventurer, you dare to be the first in the world! Even the most docile and conservative Taurus will be a bit “uneasy”, with a liberating impulse and a thrill of adventure, to make special new attempts, new initiatives, new creations, even entrepreneurship, or travel, If you study, change, invest, or start a new business, you will have the opportunity to go to a special place and meet a special person to open your eyes.

These things have the characteristics of “quick” and “sudden”. They may be brewing or carried out for a period of time. At this moment, they will quickly obtain iconic progress, or they may be impromptu and sudden. At this moment, once you have a new idea, it is difficult to press and you don’t act now, you will jump out of the routine and subvert the stereotypes. No one knows how to enjoy it even if no one is following it! And once you start, you won’t be so happy.

Fasten your seat belt, it will be a thrilling journey.

Be mentally prepared, you will have to undergo adjustments and changes in the next few years, and this is mostly because you spontaneously take the initiative, although these are not very well-documented, a bit “starting to chase,” but you can still fully enjoy this process and be able to “squat”. Without him, you just want to pursue the life you have thought of and the life you have thought of. People must go through thousands of swings before they can grow up.

In 2020, you are more willing to follow the sex, play with your heart, and most of the time will be happy and proactive, and there will be more excitement after September. The most common are entertainment, activities, sports, or other interesting hobbies, children, pets, lovers, courses of interest, tasks, and more.

After September 2020, you will gradually become active and dazzling, talents, talents, mountains, and waters, sharp and sharp. You may also have a new image, and even have a subversion of the past, making people shine. You may quickly broaden the scope of your activities, have a higher “exposure rate”, have the opportunity to make a loud voice, come on stage, speak, preach, publish, distribute, inspire and influence others. You may also be better as a teacher and easily become an opinion leader, a good teacher, and a friend. Your insights, thoughts, and inspiration may also inspire others.

Inevitably, there are also a few Taurus who will become high, proud, paranoid, selfish, dictatorial, awkward, indifferent, arrogant, arrogant, extreme right, and even the other extreme because of excessive self-expectation, self-respect, self-discipline, and even the other extreme arrogance, shrinking, Melancholy.

Taurus at different stages of life in 2020

Taurus, born in 1988-1990, will have a feeling of incompetence, a power that you know about your future. Your inner strength is amazing! You already don’t know what else in life can really convince you. You will be more precise in positioning your social role, more directional about your life goals, and more fearless and more practical about the future. You will emphasize autonomy more than other Taurus, and you will know more about what you want than at any time in the past, and build a new set of life patterns, values, priorities, and so on.

From May 1969 to May 1971, and from Taurus, born between 1999 and 2000, you are born with the most practical and diligent people, the most aware of what you want, the most endurable and persevering group. In 2020, you will have more faith and firm will than most Taurus, and you are more likely to start a business. If so, then in 2020, you will finally find a breakthrough in your career and a sense of accomplishment.

Taurus students: It is advisable to clean up the room and avoid being self-righteous.

You may be alienated from some friends, or you may say goodbye or conflict, and you may easily lose things. You will come into contact with this year and see a lot of new things. The content and scope of life have expanded a lot. You will put a lot of energy into some hobbies, and if you can combine with your studies, you will be able to easily achieve excellent results. Your mind and body will accelerate overall development. It is not in the best state before November, and it is easy to be uncomfortable and resistant in February and August. Be careful not to stay up all night, and adequate sleep can guarantee the best learning effect. Your home environment may change a bit. It may start in September 2020 and will show a new look. There are new people or family members who have a happy event. After September, your mind and body will grow rapidly and comprehensively, and as a parent, you should give more respect.

Taurus elders: should enjoy the flowers, avoid eating and drinking.

You have a more interesting life, and there are some interesting and interesting things in your life that will make you feel very high. Before November, your body is prone to poor rest, small conditions, and low immunity. You should allow more time to rest, relax, and exercise properly. You may also be restless, and you may end up with something that should have been resolved or should have been completed. Please remove too much responsibility, adjust the rhythm of life to a state of no weight, and put seriousness into maintaining health and affection.

Taurus Love Horoscope in 2020

Good Months of Love: January-March, May-June-June, June-September-September-March-October-End

Over the years, you have gradually grown into what you should grow up. Your inner tension can always hit people who know you and appreciate you, become your angels or believers, and you become more sophisticated, and you are more sophisticated. Very real and natural, know how to be bold and easy to capture each other’s heart, can become a constant victory in the general, as long as you are willing.

Single people can happen at the moment. You may have a singularity, to a person who is different from yourself, a little special, or a way to meet is a bit “special”, or the other party is far away from you, gathering less and more. Maybe the person you meet is someone who has some kind of “original” with you. It may be your old knowledge, old lover, or people near your home, working environment, or you may know the old knowledge of your relatives and friends. “, the new friends of the old and old activities, you easily open your heart.

You may also have a romantic relationship, but you may also encounter someone who “doesn’t” love, please take good care of your position. March to August may be tossed by the toss, not in the state. After September, you will become more and more radiant, bright and charming. If you have a favorite person, you may want to fight the iron and win the battle.

Your nature is serious about love, but you can still afford it when you need it. These years of experience have made you a little bit stronger. Things that are big and small must be in line with your own ideas. Therefore, you need a partner who has a high degree of cooperation and can nourish your growth. If the other party meets this point, you will be able to develop for a long time and even enter the marriage hall within 2 years.

The relationship that was developed from September to 20, 2020, if it can continue smoothly through April-August, the other party is probably the TA you are waiting for a long time. But on the contrary, you may leave the person who is annoyed and dull this year. You may experience the tossing from April to August. It is a good thing, and you will not look back.

There are also a small number of Taurus that may have invested in a bad or bad relationship or a “grievance” relationship. Your time is too precious! It can no longer be consumed on the needless person. If you are no longer able to nourish your relationship, you may come to an end and you should break.

Some companions are growing at a high speed, and sometimes they are confused. You need someone who truly understands you, can inspire you, supports you, encourages you, can scream for you, or hope that the other person can at least follow. If the other party gives you too much restriction and interference, you will not hesitate to give up a stable relationship, and defend yourself is still me.

Before October, the music is harmonious, and the love is stronger than everything. There is a chance to welcome the arrival of new life (some of which have been experienced in the second half of 2020). Some Taurus have a sense of uneasiness and unreality. They may be too romantic and idealistic. They may also have problems that make you unreliable, such as falsehood, yin and yang, extreme and even addiction and disappearance.

You Should be bold and arrogant, avoid affection.

Taurus Career in 2020

Best for Career: From the end of February to the middle of March, June, September, mid-October, and December

The job-seeking Taurus must be psychologically prepared. The career or industry that enters at this moment will change in the near future. You have to go through an important exploration. It is not so much that you are not very directional. It is better to say that you are more “familiar” at this time. Restless, more pursuit of freedom, a little bit of your own temperament, one step is a step, and even subvert the work that you have learned in the past.

In fact, you are really suitable to find what you want to do, and even consider starting a business! However, it may not be too smooth before September, even if you find a job, you feel that you are not too in a state. After September, there will be much smoother, more open vision, open the situation, pay attention to what happened in December, maybe instructive for the road afterward.

In the working Taurus, your entire life pattern has been roughly unfolded, and you will also explore your own career development direction. Therefore, in the past years, you may have experienced large and small changes, and most have changed and changed jobs. When you start the stove and leave the workplace, you will start a project that you have never done before. This process is not a one-off process, but a long period of sway and the span may be quite large.

In 2020, your previous exploration will come to an end. You can see some results of past efforts. If you have started some new projects in the past two years, you will see some important results in 2020, and then at the end of the year or A landmark breakthrough was achieved in 2020. Some of the Taurus’s explorations may be reflected in the pattern of life, and the performance of the work is not warm, not in the scope of the above discussion.

On the other hand, in 2020, you may be dragged down by some internal affairs, housework or bad things, internal problems, and to be good, in general, not the best period for you. You’d better spend more energy to improve yourself and boldly go through the experience, because when you finish 2020, the height and breadth of your expression will greatly determine whether you will be fame and fortune after two years, and you will still encounter it. Going to the big business.

In 2020, you may have the opportunity to share resources through cooperation. It is also possible to focus some of the work on the handling, coordination, and improvement of the internal affairs, to summarize, to eliminate the unfinished work, to eliminate inefficient tools and systems, to clean up the portal, to clear the aliens, or to relocate, decorate, and build the building. As an employee, you may experience internal turmoil. If there is no room for growth, the job-hopping may be broader.

Some people in contact may be unreliable or disturbing. Many Jinniu has been self-reliant in the past few years, and they have been “single-flying” in the first half of the year. They will not be able to re-advance after the September 2020 period. The previous efforts can also see some results.

Taurus Valuable things in 2020

You won’t be stunned again, and you won’t be guilty. If someone can’t understand you, you don’t feel it, because you don’t have to ask everyone to like it. This may make you look a bit arrogant and unattainable, but you don’t care at all.

You have a noble person, from January to November, usually, the other side has some kind of “his source” with you, maybe someone who knows old people, old people, relatives, or people who know through these old relationships, or near their homes.

People in the working environment, the other party will bring you benefits, or you can save your life, or “cure” you. The truth is too little, you may also have “little people” transport, may be unreliable, or even bring right and wrong black-box operation. On the other hand, you will also have new opportunities, especially after September, the other party may be a bit “special” for you, open the door to the new world for you, open your mind and let go.

Taurus Health in 2020

This is not the best time for you. Health problems accumulated due to bad living habits may break out in February-August. You may also have low immunity, easy to get sick, old patients are prone to recurrence, and timely medical treatment has the opportunity to cure. January-April, October is easy to get angry. In April-August, you need to take care of yourself.

Don’t stay up late, otherwise, you will be nervous, you can exercise during the day, sun, drink, and empty. After September, the spirit of nature will naturally improve, and you will gradually turn better. Pay attention to the regularity of life, the whole year is suitable for exercise and fitness, take a step! This is a good day for you to adjust your body and re-storage your energy. Pay attention to traffic safety from mid-May to May.

Taurus Money and Luck during 2020

You may get “others” and get a big bonus! There are gifts and incomes from others, most of which come from a glory relationship, such as husband and wife, family, partners, etc., or make a fortune by financial instruments.

You may also spend a lot of money on family, children or partnerships, or generously donate, donate, give, or “break the money”, such as theft, compensation, etc. There may be impulsive expenses for recreation after September. If you are an entrepreneur or marketing plan, you can consider doing good cause marketing, heart-thinking, blessings, and doing a good thing in the world.