Tiger : Daily Chinese Horoscope Saturday 13th July 2019

Tiger : Daily Chinese Horoscope Saturday 13th July 2019

1- Love
You will have to decide to have more understanding and, consequently, more tolerance in the household. Know that your intransigence is irrelevant. The compromise must be the golden rule of the life of a couple. Single, the global atmosphere, dominated by the hegemony of the planet Van Xuong, will put your love in the spotlight, and you may be burning the wings, so passion will upset you. But you certainly will not complain!

2- Money and Luck
Given the present astral configuration, it will probably be difficult for you to avoid robbery or burglary today. Be careful in all things. Respect the recommendations of your insurance contracts (three-point lock, alarm system, car cutout, etc.), otherwise you will not be compensated in case of disaster.daily chinese tiger horoscope 13th july 2019

3- Health
This aspect of the star Thien Quy will endow you with excellent resistance. Thanks to his support, those who have been ill will be effectively treated and will recover quickly. Attention only to one point: the star Thien Quy makes very greedy. If you want to keep the line, you will have to watch yourself!

4- Work
The professional climate will be rather blocked, but you will still be able to evolve favorably your career. Do not be discouraged if obstacles seem to hinder your growth. Just do your best to fulfill your responsibilities: even if it does not give you spectacular advancement, it will prove useful.

5- Home and Family
Your children will give you a hard time because they will tend to rebellion. You will have to show authority. But to be effective, do not get mad at them and know how to listen to their grievances.

6- Social Life
Your impetuous outbursts, your passion, your initiative will seduce those around you. You will also know how to ignite yourself for causes you deem noble, and you will be ready to defend the widow and the orphan.