Tips for creating your own games or Android apps

Create Android games is the order of the day

One of the current trends that can be seen with the naked eye is the market that is around the applications that create more and more people around the games, and nowadays with the advance and the facility to find a tutorial of how to do Your own mobile applications or android games, it is increasingly more that try their luck with their own projects to make a dent in the world of the app.

The first and essential is to create your own application or game, for this we can use editors such as Android Studio or Eclipse, since they are the programs that more tutorials can find.

playing game on android phone

Small tips to create your game or app

To create a game or an app, you need to have a clear idea, and for that, one way is to check the Google Play store to know a little about what kind of applications and games are currently in vogue or some style that can inspire you to create Your own. After all, everything is already invented, it only needs to give that personal touch that can do it, however small, different from the others. Give your imagination a free rein, it’s the best way your idea can work.

To test them and get some advice, you can always generate from the editors the apk, which is the file that will run on the android device to install your app or game on it, and share it with a friend or relative to give you their opinion Improve or fix, if necessary, any aspect of your app.

Finally, when you think your creation deserves to be shared with everyone, you just have to upload it to Google Play and anyone who sees it can download and try it. Subirlas has no cost, just make a payment of $ 25 to convert your account into a developer account and so you can access the necessary options for the entire process, if you have any questions you can consult this article where it explains all process.

And if you want to earn some money, you can choose to have your game or application cost to be downloaded or that is completely free but with some ads or advertising to generate something, even if it is simply with the intention of recovering the money that You had to invest to create the developer account, that you already decide.

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