Tips and tricks in love for every Zodiac Sign

Between work, children, the maintenance of the house, we run, we run and we often miss the point. In order to give love back to your relationship, we have checked out all the little touches that look like nothing but change everything.

Depending on the sign of your lover, discover a lot of stuff that will keep the love flame for a limited investment. Provided to do it every day. Like the abs.

Aries: Ask him questions. About what he does. On his projects. On his ambitions. Attention, no question of the police, just to enthuse you for what he undertakes. When it comes to flattering his ego, your curiosity will never be a bad defect.

Need him. Get him to carry the race bags, there’s only him and his powerful biceps to carry out this arduous task. Between these pumps on sale and these crisp boots, too hard to choose? Hello, using. He runs, he steals, he saves your life. It exists.

Make him love. On the sofa, in the bicycle shed, in the shower … reveal your taste for adventure, thrills, extreme experiences. Not even afraid. It either. Not the kind to deflate. Demonstration.

Gemini: Open the door. Make sure that there are always people, always movement. Add a cover for the boyfriend who arrives unexpectedly. It is this adaptability that will enchant your Gemini. The more he feels free to come and go, the happier he will return to the fold.

Let it speak. Never forget that in this man, everything (or almost) passes by the head. Also, stop what you are doing, settle down and listen to it. Really. Between his intellectual agility and a TV party, you chose him.

Do not say anything. Make him a scene? Too vulgar! To his childishness, oppose a haughty silence. Faced with his provocations of being unfaithful, play indifference. You will pluck it cold when it pushes the cork. Until then, your dignity will bluff him.

Leo: Dress up! Even for a dinette in the kitchen, perch on stilettos, strap yourself in a perfect. You are the mirror of your Lion. If he sees you beautiful, he will find himself handsome.

Stroke his hand. Just like that. Just by the way. Without putting any precise intention into it. Simply to feel it there in all its solidity and reliability. It reassures him to know that he reassures you.

Call for help. Forget that you can change a light bulb or put parquet. Remember that he has a chivalrous side that asks only to express himself. Become an assisted, saxophone porcelain and here he is happy to face the danger.

Virgo: Spend everything with bleach. Door handles, bathrooms, worktops, tiles … from the cellar to the attic, offer your Virgin a home where you could eat on the floor. In truth, it will never do of course but to say that it is possible, it secures it …

Cook both organic and good at the same time. 322 calories in entry, 538 in dessert … we do not laugh with the dietetic. Obsessed by its cholesterol, its line, its tension, your Virgin is very careful what is on its plate.

Make it laugh. Make fun of yourself. Turn into mockery the little facts of existence. This mocking distance will impress this man with a good sense of observation. And if you push him a little in this way, he will even be able to laugh at himself.

Scorpio: Give her an appointment. Invite him or her to share your lunch break. Book a hotel room for an exciting 5 to 7. Tell him in the morning that a surprise awaits him at home. The goal is to create the event, to cause changes in rhythm, to keep it under pressure.

Look at the Appetite. With covetousness. With interest. Let him see the love he inspires in you, the desire that embraces you, the pleasure you take in his company. Your Scorpion is at the same time a powerful man and a little boy to reassure. Play on both tables.

Let it win. Not finding a parking space, losing his keys, a sudden downpour … and here he is capable of becoming odious. Since reasoning is a major risk behavior, let go of ballast, run soft, you will resume the hand under other circumstances.

Taurus: Season it good food. Become the star of the tartar, the diva of the moussaka, the star of the banquette … It smells good. It makes him salivate. It is delicious. It is cooked.

Be careful. To his health. To his bad mood. To his good humor. You may not be able to do much, but by caring for him, you implicitly acknowledge the dedication he has shown to you.

Light the candles. Soft lighting, comfortable cushions, enveloping plaids, fireplace … make your home a warm, cozy cocoon. Taurus needs its comfort: a cozy thatched cottage and a heart, happiness!

Cancer: Make him kisses. In the neck. On the field. Unexpectedly. Because you want it … Kiss it. Put it on. As his mother did when he was a baby. He is already chirping.

Massage it. Stress resistance: mediocre. Physical Efforts: Not his trick. Your Cancer is not the most combative man on earth, and then? Massages, softness, relaxation, understanding, go directly to the rest of the warrior.

Praise him. He managed to hang a shelf? Push the nail. Add it into the superlative. Even if you feel like tons of it, tell yourself that it will never be enough for this hypersensitive.

Libra: Invite him to dinner. Ham-shells yes but served in silverware with damask towels. For this moment, everything is in detail. You do not make the world, you put in scene your culinary sensitivity, nuance …

Decide for him. Cheese or dessert ? Pile or face? In the morning or in the evening? Too complicated to decide for this eternal undecided. In order to spare him these painful choices, have no scruples in managing his life. If he complains at times, remind him that it is for his good.

Cultivate good manners. Replace the washbasin seal with grace. Gently carry a cup of darjeeling to your lips. In the event of a dispute, answer your criticisms calmly and check that you have neither the nose that shines nor the wick that dangles. By leading you like a great lady, you will make her feel very small.

Sagittarius: Put your hands in the sludge. The candles, the delco head, the spare wheel … if your Sagittarius needs a mechanic, no problem, you are operational. From a mason? You also make sure. From a nurse? From tourniquet to mouth-to-mouth, you are a shock crew member.

Eat good appetite. Dishes that cling to the body, attacked with a good fork, is what delights the Sagittarius who adores the good alive. And thin. Because it wants you as dynamic and sporty. Good luck !

Ask him his opinion. Peru or Périgueux, the next summer camp? Near the fireplace, the new carpet? In the background, he does not care. But the couple being a team, he wants to be consulted for the form.

Pisces: Never be predictable. Laugh when it’s serious. Jump him on the neck when he comes in the middle of the night. Sink the gift he just gave you. Amaze it. Surprise it. Make your interesting, there is no better to arouse his interest.

Manage your calendar. At such and such a time. Such day such event. Mark your days, your nights, your life as a landing strip, to bring this great dreamer back into reality.

Worry. From his little mine. Of what happens in the neighbor below. Hunger in the world. Anything that reveals that you think of others will make you a good pub with this empathetic man.

Capricorn: Ask him for advice. How to mount this piece of furniture? What would he do for you? What does he think of your idea? Magnet control everything (or have the feeling of controlling everything), it is sensitive to the fact that you are consulting it. All the time. For everything. For nothing. Then you can do it for yourself but it feels important and that’s all that counts.

Close the door. Without slamming it. Your Capricorn often needs to be alone, show that you respect its square meadow, its secret garden, its tranquility. Do not disturb!

Warm your feet. At the least cold, prepare an infusion. Coughing ? Take her temperature. It may be just a reflex for you. But for this little demonstrative man, that means a lot.

Aquarius: Do not ask him a question. He comes home late? So what ! Who was he with? Never lower yourself to ask for it. The goal: show that jealousy and you, it’s two. Well above these unnecessary, you will rise one notch in his esteem.

Jump him on. Without warning. Without making a fuss. And so much to do in unusual places. And if possible by testing strange positions. Experience, the unpublished, the funny, that is what your Aquarius seeks in physical love. Very physical love. Always have plans. Discuss what you will do in the hour, tomorrow, in a month, in a year. Aquarius hates the past, often zap the present and fantasy about the future. Your energy, your fantasy will make him want to go with you.

By Mary Emma

I am Mary Emma born in 1996 and have been working as a full-time blogger since 2010. The socio-familial context led me to the area of Sciences and universe attending the Astrology course. But her philosophical inclination inclined her to the territory of Astrology, Psychology.