Today Horoscope 20 April 2017

Today Horoscope Predictions all signs 20 April 2017

Do not choose the short path by skipping important steps for that to advance to your goal. You will deal with situations that could delay the development of your plans. Do not despair, have patience and you can verify that everything done calmly and consciously ends up being successful. Lucky numbers: 25, 9, 1
Do not blink at new projects. Investigate and study every step before you get involved in any transactions involving money, investments or partnerships. In love there are still things to be solved, but soon the stage will change in your favor. Numbers of luck: 6, 13, 20
Your job is demanding more time and dedication on your part. Your success in it will benefit many. Do not make obstacles with your insecurities, trust yourself. Open the way, be brave. You have everything you need to succeed, if you propose. Help will never fail you. Numbers of luck: 11, 22, 13
Despite the many changes and adjustments that have been taking place in your finances, all this is meant to guide you towards something better. Be carried away by those who want to help you. Many ideas together give way to at least one that will direct you to the success you seek. Lucky numbers: 14, 27, 18
The sensual and sexual in you is exalted. Being aware of the responsibility and consequences of your actions is important right now. Everything hidden and mysterious, the issues that have to do with life and death will draw your attention in a very particular way. Lucky numbers: 36, 3, 28
Check all your projects and plans thoroughly. You will be prone to making small mistakes, which can later become a problem. Associations are favored with people who have to do with art and beauty. Visit a museum or art exhibition. Lucky numbers: 15, 31, 29
Your sentimental world is activated. Your relationship is more open and fun than usual. You can share, accept and tolerate the differences that your partner has. It’s time to review your goals and make adjustments by accepting the realities of the moment and thinking about your future. Numbers of luck: 9, 2, 23
It is imperative to maintain control and calm. Your family and the problems that have been generated with it should be your priority. Keep in mind that everything has a solution, you just have to avoid mistakes by doing things very quickly or without thinking. The organization imposes itself in your life. Lucky numbers: 1, 5, 8
You will be in charge of carrying out your plans. The cooperation and help of others is the key to advancing and succeeding in your goals. Listen and let others participate in your life. It is important that you delegate to others in which you do not have much experience. Lucky numbers: 7, 5, 4
It emphasizes everything related to the home and the family and this could bring tensions, conflicts and changes in it. Balancing your family matters with work will be a challenge for you. Love also goes through trials, so you’ll have to wear your patience for a few days. Lucky numbers: 7, 10, 22
Take care of your health, Aquarius. It does not matter if you feel good, yet you must maintain a good diet, catch up on appointments and medical exams and exercise. In love, you will be attracted to people very different from you. Do not try to force what you know will not work. Lucky numbers: 13, 23, 18
You will be full of energy and with many desires to start new projects and give a new “look” to your life. Do not be influenced by the presence of a somewhat pessimistic person. Do not let obstacles impede your purposes, just be patient and wait for everything to return to its place. Lucky numbers: 30, 9, 3


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