Tokyo 10 things to see and do in the world’s largest city

Tokyo: 10 things to see and do in the world’s largest city

Culinary adventures, an eccentric nightlife, crowded streets and modern skyscrapers are some of the things that come to mind when we think of Tokyo. A city that will not cease to amaze you.

Whether you are traveling as if you have lived there for a short time or lived there all your life, the capital of the Land of the Rising Sun has much to offer.

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Ancient customs and the current lifestyle merge in a wonderful way, giving rise to unique and unique subcultures that clash with the strict culture that we imagine of Japan.

If you plan to visit it soon, or in the future, you will need this list with the 10 best things you can do in this city. After all, it would be a pity to visit her and miss some of her most attractive places.

1. The Tsukiji Fish Market

If you’ve ever wondered what the world’s biggest and busiest fish market might be like, stop by this place. You’ll see things you probably have not seen before, such as live tuna auctions or sushi-based breakfasts.

2. Sumo Wrestling

This type of wrestling is one of the most famous things in Japan. If you do not want to miss this show, visit the Tokyo Sumo National Hall, also known as Ryogoku Kokugikan.

3. Meiji Shrine

The Meiji Shrine will amaze all fans of Japanese culture. In this beautiful place tourists can practice ancient rituals such as purification of mouth and hands in water sources.

4. Yoyogi Park

In general, the spaces in Tokyo are very closed. For this reason, parks have become a very common meeting place for all kinds of people.

In Yoyogi Park, Japanese version of New York’s Central Park, we can find from people rehearsing works, playing musical instruments or just hanging out, to manga fans, cosplay fanatics, gothic lolitas or other young people Social groups on the Harajuku bridge.

5. National Garden Shinjuku Gyoen

After strolling through the fun Yoyogi Park, why not visit the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden? It may not be so much fun, but it’s so beautiful it can not be described in words.

6. Roppongi Hills Complex

If you want to eat or dine, have a drink, watch a movie or just take a walk, Roppongi Hills has a bit of everything. The viewpoint of the Mori Tower, on the 52nd floor, offers spectacular views of Tokyo.

7. The crossing of Shibuya

This famous intersection is located just off Shibuya Station. When traffic stops, the organized “chaos” of pedestrians when crossing is something you have never seen before. It is worth crossing.

8. Ebisu District

Going out for dinner or having a drink is a must when traveling. In this sense, the trendy district of Tokyo, Ebisu, will offer you a unique experience

Prepared in tiny kitchens, you can enjoy grilled meat, vegetables, sashimi and many other delicious dishes. Totally recommended.

9. Karaoke

What would Tokyo be without a karaoke? Singing in front of friends is one thing, but in Smash Hits you do it in front of a random audience with very high expectations. There is no better way to make a fool of yourself in Tokyo. Laughter is guaranteed.

10. Daimaru department stores

Located just off Tokyo Station, this huge shopping mall may not look like a tourist attraction, but it is not.

There is a kimono shop on the tenth floor that tourists hardly visit due to their high prices and worth seeing. If you are looking for traditional Japanese items like a katana, Daimaru is the perfect place.

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