Top best easy ways to lose weight and be smart

50 Ways to Lose Weight Easily

Today there are hundreds of thousands of “miracle diets to lose weight incredibly fast”, “miraculous exercises that burn whatever” and other programs of radical thinning circulating through the networks. It is important that you know that it is not necessary to resort to a miracle diet or a killer exercise to lose weight quickly.

easy ways lose weight

In fact, if we do it wrong we can harm our health or hurt ourselves in the exercise by not being physically prepared. Making small changes and making small decisions every day, we can lose the same amount of weight as with diets and miracle exercises, but in a much more natural and healthy way. Here are some simple ways to lose weight. Surely so, it is much easier.

1.- Have a clear objective

So clear that everyone can measure it and understand it.

2.- Drink Tea

Research carried out on tea suggests that people who drink tea (black, green or white as long as it is actually tea and not an herbal infusion) have lower body mass index and lower body fat than those who do not consume tea .

3.- Take cayenne pepper

A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition showed that when compared to a placebo, capsaicin (the active ingredient in cayenne) increased fat burning.

4.- Reduce or eliminate the consumption of processed carbohydrates

They do nothing for us other than helping us get fat.

5.- Take more vegetables

They will fill your appetite without filling your body with calories. It is important that we also avoid sauces with high caloric content, otherwise it will not do us any good to eat vegetables …

6.- Take more fruit

No one has gained weight by eating fruit (unless I know it). And this includes fruits with high natural sugars like bananas or melons.

7.- Lifting weight

The more weight we lift, the more muscle we will make and the more calories we will burn.

8.- Reduce the rest time between each exercise

This will keep your heart rate high causing an increase in the number of calories burned.

9.- Do intervals of exercises

Intervals are more effective and efficient than exercise at low intensity.

10.- Take more protein

Replacing refined carbohydrates with lean protein will not only help us quench, but it will also help accelerate our metabolism.

11.- Take fish oil

Studies show that people fed diets rich in omega-3 fats usually have a lower accumulation of body fat than those who do not.

12.- Doing whole body exercises

Squats, dead weight, dominated, pushups, You will get more results doing whole body exercises than working muscles in isolation.

13.- Control the intake of carbohydrates depending on the level of our daily activity

Carbohydrates are important and necessary, but on days when we do not exercise we do not need as many days as we do. Therefore, the more exercise we do, the more carbohydrates we can eat.

14.- Start meals with a salad

The salad will help fill up space and will make us feel full (this will result in less carbohydrate ingestion).

15.- Do not forget the fiber

Imagine fiber as a sponge; Absorbs water and makes us feel full.

16.- Drink water

A study conducted at the University of Virginia showed that giving people two glasses of water before each meal, caused weight loss after 12 weeks.

17.- Add beans to our salads

It’s a smart way to add some extra fiber, protein and healthy carbohydrates to our food.

18.- Replace one of the daily meals with a large salad and a little lean protein

This is simply an easy way to improve your diet instantly.

19.- Keep track of what we eat

There is no better way to know and know everything we eat.

20.- Take care of the portions

Try to avoid L and XL sizes when you go somewhere to eat and try to get away from the buffets.

21.- Drinking without calories

All calories count (whether ingested through liquids or solids).

22.- Check Weight frequently

Studies carried out on the subject show that weighing frequently helps increase or enhance our efforts.

23.- Take whole eggs

A study published a few years ago showed that people who ate an egg in the morning ate less in the next meal than those who ate anything else.

24.- Breakfast

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that those who eat breakfast have greater control and balance over their long-term weight than those who do not.

25.- Take most of the food in the morning

Go eat less progressively as the day goes by. Eating most of the calories in the morning positively affects weight changes.

26.- Spend more time standing

This means that we avoid, as much as possible, sitting in front of the computer, TV, etc. Standing will always be burning more and being more productive.

27.- Using the stairs

Forget the elevator for a while and use the stairs. A little change like this helps a lot in the long run.

28.- Dense and low calorie foods

There are foods rich in water and low in calories (such as fruit, vegetables, soups, salads …). Ingestion of this type of food generally helps individuals to take in fewer calories altogether.

29.- Do not go shopping with hunger

If you do, you’ll end up buying all kinds of unnecessary things instead of following your shopping list.

30.- Replace garnishes with steamed vegetables

Restaurants usually give the option to substitute the side of fries for a vegetable. All you have to do is ask.

31.- Bake instead of frying

A serving of 100 grams of potatoes contains more than 300 calories, compared to 70 calories that can provide the same amount of roasted or cooked potatoes.

32.- Order the dressing separately

Instead of bringing you the salad dressing, order the dressing separately. That way you can dose the amount of sauce you take while still enjoying the salad.

33.- Take oats

Oats fill the stomach much more than any other type of breakfast rich in sugars. In addition, it is also lower in calories.

34.- Do not stand still

Those who change their posture frequently and are not quiet often weigh less than those who do not.

35.- Laugh often

A study published at the European congress on obesity showed that those who laughed forcefully for 10-15 minutes of the day burned 10 40 calories more per day than those who did not. Multiplying this figure by 365 days we can get a very significant data.

36.- Leave some food on the plate at the end of each meal

Many people do a lot.

37.- Eating out, try sharing a dish

Portions are usually large enough to feed a family.

38.- Skip the dessert

Especially if they are sweets or cakes.

39.- Do not socialize with people near the food tables at parties

At a party, you are much more likely to end up losing control of what you eat if you tend to socialize near where everything good is.

40.- Not eating the leftovers of our children

Every little bit counts.

41.- Keep the junk food away (potatoes, sauces etc.)

It has nothing to do with willpower. It has to do with being realistic. If you do not have at home you avoid the temptations

42.- Walking the dog more often

It is beneficial both for you (that burn calories and do healthy exercise), as for the dog (which in addition to doing sports enjoy a company time with his master).

43.- Use smaller plates and bags

Using smaller plates and pockets, the portions will come out smaller and look larger.

44.- Take photos from before to see the change

It is a visual way to stay motivated, it can be a stimulus.

45.- Eat slowly

The stomach takes an average of 15-20 minutes to realize that it is full. If you eat your food like a hungry dog, you are likely to end up eating more than you really wanted (just because your stomach takes a little notice).

46.- Buy a pedometer and walk an average of 10000 steps a day.

Walking is a great way to lose weight

47.- Do not buy large quantities of food

The more food you have at home, the more you will eat.

48.- Planning for the future

If you fail to plan, you are probably planning a failure.

49.- Have healthy snacks at home

Snacks like almonds or other nuts, come in handy for times of greatest vulnerability.

50. Wake up early to exercise

You are much more likely to complete your daily exercise in the morning at the beginning of the day than after work.

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