Top Tech Tips and Tricks that can save your time and money

I have noticed something interesting about society and culture. Anything risky requires a license: learn to drive, possess arms, get married.

This applies to everything risky, minus the technology. For some reason, there is no standardized curriculum, there is no basic training. It’s like they give you the computer and kick you out of the nest. How are we supposed to learn these things? By osmosis. No one ever sits down and says, “This is how it works.” So today I’m going to tell you 10 things that everyone thought they knew, but it seems they did not.

saving time

  1. Well, first, on the web, when you’re on the web and you want to scroll down, do not grab the mouse and use the scroll bar. It is an absolute waste of time. Just do it if you are paid by the hour. Instead, press the space bar. This key down one page. Press the Shift key to upload again. So the space bar to download a page. It works on all search engines and on all types of computers.
  2. Also on the web, when you are filling in one of these forms like the address, I guess you know that you can press the tab to jump from box to box. But what about the drop-down menu where the state is entered? Do not open the drop down menu. It is a waste of terrible energy. Type the first letter of your state over and over again. So if you are looking for Connecticut, put: C, C If you are looking for Texas, put: T, T, and you go directly to that element without even opening the drop down menu.
  3. Also on the web, when the text is very small, what is done is to hold down the Control key and press Plus, Plus, Plus You increase the text each time you press Plus. Works with all computers and browsers, or the Minus, Minus, Minus key to make it small again. If you are on a Mac, it may be the Command key.
  4. When typing on Blackberry, Android, iPhone, do not bother to change to the arrangement of the punctuation to insert a point, then a space and then put the next letter in capital letters. Simply press the space twice. The phone puts the point, the space and the capital letter for you. Put: space, space. It is absolutely amazing.
  5. Also in terms of mobiles, in all phones, if you want to call a number you have already called before, just press the call button, and you dial the last phone number, and at that time you can press the button Again to call. So it is not necessary to go to the call log, so if you are trying to contact someone, just press the call key again.
  6. Now comes something that drives me crazy. When I call you and leave a message on the voicemail, I hear you saying, “Leave a message,” and then I get 15 seconds of damn instructions. As if we had not had answering machines for the last 45 years! I’m not bitter. It turns out that there is a keyboard shortcut that lets you jump directly to the beep.
  7. Upon hearing the signal, please, beep. Dear Tajamal, Unfortunately, the phone did not adopt the same key combination, it changes depending on the phone, so it’s up to you to learn the keys for the person you’re calling. I did not say that these tricks were to be perfect.
  8. Well, most of you think that Google is something that allows you to visit a web page, but it is also a dictionary. Enter the word “define” and then the word you want to know. You do not even have to click anything. The definition appears as you type. It is also a database of the Federal Aviation Administration Type the airline’s number and flight. It shows the place of the flight, the door, the terminal, how much is missing for the landing; Without the need for an application. It also does unit and currency conversions. And you do not have to click on one of the results either. You write it in the box, and there you have the answer.
  9. Speaking of text, when you want to select…… this is just an example. When you want to select a word, please do not waste your life dragging the mouse like a rookie. Double-click the word. Look at the 200. I double click. And select only that word. Also, do not delete what you have selected. Just write it over. It is so with all programs. You can also double-click and drag to select from word to word as you drag. Much more accurate. Again, do not bother to erase. Just type over.
  10. The shutter delay is the time that elapses between pressing the button and the moment it actually captures a camera. It is very frustrating in any camera under $ 1000. (Camera Click) This is because the camera needs time to calculate focus and exposure, but if you pre-focus with the middle button pressed, you keep your finger there, and the delay disappears! It happens constantly. I just turned your $ 50 camera into a $ 1000 camera with this trick.
  11. And finally, it often happens that you are giving a talk, and, for some reason, the audience is looking at the slide instead of you! So when that happens, and it works on Keynote, Powerpoint, and any program, all you have to do is press the B, B to turn the screen black. And when you are ready to continue, press B again, and if you are really on the run, you can press the W key, and the slide stays white, then you can press W again to leave it as before.

Well, I know I’ve been very fast. If you missed something, I’d be happy to send you a list with these tips. In the meantime, congratulations.

Have a great day.

I am Mary Emma born in 1996 and have been working as a full-time blogger since 2010. The socio-familial context led me to the area of Sciences and universe attending the Astrology course. But her philosophical inclination inclined her to the territory of Astrology, Psychology.