Toyota C-HR 2017 information and how to drive

Toyota C-HR 2017 information with specification

The Toyota C-HR is a hybrid model of 4.36 meters in length whose body has a half-way between a tourism and an SUV. It is for sale with three levels of equipment from 24 350 €.

toyota c hr 2017

Its height, eight centimeters higher than that of an Auris, may lead to deception: it is not a car to circulate off the asphalt. One proof of this is that his front bumper rubs on garage ramps where the Auris does not. The advantage over the Auris is that the seats are placed higher (the driver is sitting 9 cm higher), so getting in and out of the C-HR is more comfortable; Also has a slightly-17 liters-more capable boot when compared to the Auris 5-door (the Auris family has 153 liters more) and a more careful interior. On the contrary, the passenger compartment is not wider (except for the width in the front seats), the consumption is higher and the price too. Comparison sheet of the most affordable versions of the C-HR, the five-door Auris and the Auris Touring Sport.

The size of the C-HR may be confusing as it looks like a smaller car than it is. Visually resembles a Nissan Juke but is just as long as the Nissan Qashqai (comparative datasheet). However, its interior is, in terms of amplitude – correct for four adults of medium height – at an intermediate point between the two Nissan models.

The CH-R is available with a hybrid 122 hp drive system, the same as the Toyota Prius 2016, and front wheel drive. In other markets, for example in Belgium, Toyota gives the possibility of buying it with a petrol engine of 1,2 liters and 116 HP (the same one that has the Auris) and associate it with a manual gearbox of six speeds (in this one If the traction is front) or an automatic (in this case, the traction can be front or total).

The C-HR is more affordable and has more standard equipment than a Qashqai 4×2 DIG-T 115 HP XTRONIC Accord (116 hp gasoline engine and automatic transmission). A Suzuki S-Cross 1.4 DITC GLX 6AT (140 hp petrol and automatic transmission) costs 24 085 euros and its standard equipment is more abundant than the C-HR and Qashqai, although there are elements that can not have, Not even in option, such as the alert for involuntary change of lane and the system of recognition of traffic signals.

Another possible alternative to the C-HR is the KIA Niro, which is also a hybrid vehicle. The Niro is wider and its trunk, more capable. The equipment of the C-HR is abundant and to buy a comparable Niro by quantity of elements it is necessary to resort to the level Drive (the intermediate level) and to acquire some options. Then, the price and equipment are similar (comparative price and equipment tab). The C-HR is less powerful than the Niro, which has 141 hp, but is faster accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h. The average approved fuel consumption of both vehicles is the same.

The passenger compartment (interior measurements) and the boot (377 liters) of the C-HR are smaller than those of the Niro, Qashqai and S-Cross. It is a car less focused towards a family use than these three models because the design of the body conditions the ease of access to the second row of seats and because for some people the feeling once seated in this row can be overwhelming because small Are the windows.

The driving of the C-HR resembles that of the Prius insofar as the operation of the hybrid system is identical. It is a very nice car to drive in town because of the smoothness and the silence with which it moves and less pleasant when a medium or strong acceleration is demanded, for the way in which the transmission system (by a planetary gear) revolutionizes the motor of combustion. More information in driving impressions.

The levels of equipment are: Active, Advance and Dynamic Plus. In all, there is an equipment package called ‘Safety Sense’, which includes the pre-collision system with pedestrian detection, inadvertent lane change alert, active speed programmer, traffic signal recognition system and Automatic connection of long lights. Other elements included in all levels of standard are: automatic lighting and wipers, hands-free start and access system, two-zone climate control, slope assist, Toyota Touch 2 multimedia system with central 8-inch screen and steering wheel Leather lined with controls for handling the multimedia system.

The Advance level adds 18-inch wheels (in Active are 17), darkened rear windows and sunblinds, heated front seats, fabric and leather upholstery, and electric lumbar adjustment for the driver’s seat. With the Dynamic Plus level are also standard two-color paint on the body (the ceiling is painted in black, image), a JBL audio system, warning of vehicles in the blind spot of the mirrors and headlights Of ledes. In this comparative table you can see which elements are standard and optional in each of the three levels of equipment.

At the end of September 2016, Toyota put on sale a limited series to 200 units of C-HR denominated “Launch Edition”, that exhausted after one month. Its price was 29,000 euros and its equipment of series was very abundant. It included elements that are standard on the Dynamic Plus level, such as leather upholstered and heated seats (front), rear view camera, led lights and JBL audio system. The rims were 18 inches and the body was painted in Gray Diamond and the roof in black.

This model has a 3-year guarantee (or 100 000 km, whichever occurs earlier), except for the hybrid part, which is 5 years old. If maintenance is carried out in the official service, the warranty on the battery expands up to 10 years without mileage limit, in tranches of one year / 15 000 km every time a maintenance is performed. Maintenance costs can be obtained through this Toyota calculator.

The C-HR is manufactured in Sakarya, Turkey, on the modular platform of Toyota called TNGA, which also has the Prius 2016 and in the future will have other models of the brand. Regarding a Prius, the driver of the C-HR is sitting 12 cm higher.

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