Toyota GT86 2017 full general information

The Toyota GT86 is a four-seater coupe (the two small rear) and two doors. It measures 4.24 meters in length, 1.78 meters in width and 1.29 meters in height. It has a gasoline engine of 200 horsepower and rear-wheel drive. The gearshift can be manual or automatic. It is on sale for 32 990 euros with a manual gearbox of six speeds or for 34 990 euros with an automatic of identical number of relations; With the automatic one it is less speedy and it spends less fuel.

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Toyota put the GT86 on sale in 2012. Now it updates with slight changes of appearance, new covering materials for the cabin, changes in the chassis, aerodynamics and equipment related to comfort and driving, there is a new mode of stability control -Track- that allows the Wheels slide more and is activated by pressing a knob between the front seats.

With the exception of the Subaru BRZ, which is practically the same car as the Toyota GT86, the rest of coupes of more or less similar power are different in both proportions and technical aspects. For example, the BMW 2 Series Coupé, the Volkswagen Scirocco, the Audi TT or the Nissan 370 Z have a higher body, are heavier (except for the Audi TT 1.8 TFSI 180 CV) and none of them A box-type motor. The Toyota GT86 is slightly less expensive than the BMW and Audi mentioned above and a Volkswagen Scirocco of 180 hp is cheaper (comparative tab). The Nissan 370Z costs the same as the Toyota, with an engine that exceeds that of the GT86 in 128 horses. The Subaru BRZ 2012 (there are still no prices for the 2017 model) has a lower starting price and is only sold with manual gearshift. The engines of Toyota, Nissan and Subaru are atmospheric, a technique that is gradually becoming obsolete since in the other models cited the engine is supercharged by turbocharger.

The Toyota GT86 offers an intense driving experience in curve. However, it is not the perfect car for anyone who wants to run in a straight line. In fact, despite its relative lightness and good weight-to-power ratio, it is slower than lower-power cars.

The Toyota GT86 is for those drivers looking for a vehicle that feels agile, that transmits very direct sensations and that do not want to always make everything easy. The GT86 changes direction and moves quickly and is sensitive to quality driving, as it responds immediately to the movements the driver makes on the steering wheel and the pedals.

The driving position is comfortable, although the body is relatively narrow and not much room. Thanks to these measured dimensions of the passenger compartment, the driver does not feel as isolated from the outside as in other more bulky cars. The steering wheel is well positioned (with height and depth adjustment), the gearshift lever (which has very short strokes and is operated with little effort) and the pedals are operated naturally.

The international media presentation has taken place in the vicinity of Finland, on roads and test tracks mostly snowy and icy. All available units had nail tires. In these unusual conditions for me, I have not been able to draw conclusions about the improvements in suspension over the previous GT86, which I drove on dry asphalt, with summer tires and completely different tracks. Yes I have been able to experience running the new stability control mode Track. It allows for large skidding before the electronic aids put the car in place and ensures more fun and risk to the driver. If all the electronic aids are connected, the driver has much less work because he does not have to dose the accelerator with such care or move the steering wheel so precisely.

The atmospheric bóxer engine does not have changes with respect to the one of the GT86 of 2012. It delivers the power of linear form and responds immediately to each movement that the driver does with the accelerator. It does not resemble at all the turbocharged engines that have many of their rivals, whose response is forceful to mid-regime and less progressive. If you want to go fast with the Toyota GT86, you have to use it with the gearshift to keep the engine at a high rate. At low and medium speed is a pleasant, soft, instant motor and gives enough force to circulate to the rhythm of the rest of the traffic.
The main design changes of the GT86 2017 are focused on the front, where the headlamps are new – now perform their functions through ledes, bumper and grille. In the rear are also new pilots – also with ledes and bumper. In addition, there is a new model of alloy wheels and the boot lid spoiler has a different design. Some of the body design changes have served to improve linear stability and accuracy in steering changes, without increasing the aerodynamic coefficient (0.27).

According to Toyota, the quality perceived in the passenger compartment is greater than in the previous model thanks to the use of materials with better appearance and touch in the trim of the doors and in the part superior of the dashboard. In addition, it has installed a 3mm smaller steering wheel (it has 362 mm, image) and light, with integrated controls to handle the different functions of the sound system (in the previous model there was no button, image) and in whose central part Has the 86 logo. The dashboard has a color screen of 4.2 inches that can be controlled from the steering wheel controls and presents information that was previously unavailable, such as an acceleration chart, power and torque that the engine Is delivering at that time and a stopwatch (picture). The multimedia system “Toyota Touch 2” consists of a screen of 6.1 inches. Optionally you can order a navigation system, which provides three years of updated maps and services online (Toyota Touch 2 & GO). Toyota has also changed the upholstery of fabric seats and there is a new leather upholstery and Alcantara. Except for these changes, the impressions inside the GT86 2012 are also valid for the 2017 model.

In the chassis, Toyota has made small changes in the body, in order to have more torsional rigidity and that the areas near the suspension are more resistant. This has been achieved by increasing the thickness of some plates and sheet metal parts, increasing the welding points and changing the shape of some reinforcement elements. In the suspension there are changes in the four springs and the shock absorbers. These, according to Toyota, give more riding comfort than in the previous model, without losing handleability in curves. In some markets it is possible to choose between two shock absorbers of the Showa or Sachs brands; We are waiting for Toyota to confirm what are available in the Spanish market. The rear stabilizer bar is slightly thicker.

In our car insurance comparator we have calculated the price of an all-risk policy without excess for a Toyota GT86. The policyholder is a 38-year-old who lives in Madrid and has been without a party to his previous insurance company for more than 10 years. This person travels only 8000 kilometers with the car, which saves in a collective garage. With these characteristics, the cheapest price is offered by Mapfre for 642 euros (this policy has a quality of 7.23 points out of 10, information on what aspects are taken into account when assessing the quality of a policy).

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