Toyota Yaris 2017 renewal of the model in 2015

The Yaris 2017 is not a new generation, but a renewal of the model Toyota put on sale in 2015 (which in turn was an update of the 2012 model). The changes affect the design – both exterior and interior – to the range of engines and chassis.

The changes of appearance are the same that Toyota anticipated in early 2017 with the Yaris Sport, a sport variant of this model. They are different the bumpers of both ends, the headlights, the pilots, the grill and the trunk of the trunk. There are also new models of alloy wheels and two colors for the body that were not available previously: Blue Hydro (is the one that appears in this gallery of images) and Red Tokyo.

toyota yaris blue

In the interior the changes are smaller, being limited to a new instrument panel that, in some versions, has a multifunction screen of 4.2 inches. There are also new upholstery and decorative moldings and ventilation outlets with a different look.

One of the most important innovations of the Yaris 2017 range is the incorporation of a petrol engine -1.5 VVT-iE- with 111 CV. It is an engine that excels by the high compression ratio (13.5: 1) and because it has a thermal performance level of 38.5%, a very high value and close to that of a Toyota Prius or Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid (40 % in both cases). It also has the peculiarity that, depending on the demand for power requested by the driver, can operate under Otto cycle or under Atkinson cycle – more efficient than Otto. According to Toyota, the Yaris 1.5 VVT-iE is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in 11.0 seconds, 7 tenths less than with the engine it replaces, the 1.33 99 hp of the 2015 range (comparative tab) .

The 101 hp hybrid variant is still available, albeit with a series of changes so that the level of vibrations and noises filtered into the cabin are smaller: there are new supports for the gasoline engine, a redesigned air intake system, new axles of Transmission and an additional muffler for the exhaust system. In addition, this variant also has small improvements in suspension and steering with the aim of improving ride comfort and driving precision.

All Yaris 2017 features the “Safety Sense” package, which includes a city-wide automatic emergency braking system, one that switches automatically between short and long beams, an alert for inadvertent lane change and a signal detector of traffic.

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