Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Friday 15th December 2017

Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Friday 15th December 2017

This day the planetary influence that is expanded by your Virgo sign creates a special landscape in your inner world, very sensitive and romantic. The astral landscape with your ruler, Mercury, direct and Venus in the air element could not be better. There is a moment of emotional recovery and if someone moved away from you, now he is coming back. That is good news, but on the other hand, you must make certain commitments and when reconciliation occurs rectify mistakes made. The transit of the Moon contributes to the consolidation of certain issues that were half wobbly and did not quite define properly.

You are more calm and confident. This inner peace will bring you answers to important questions. All that is relative to the air strengthens your energy, you need movement, to work your ligamentous flexibility. You do everything possible to lead constructive debates in the family and will not have to ignore any subject that disturbs. You listen to the requests that are addressed to you, if you have children or a young person in your entourage, you will have to show patience and pedagogy. Do not be fooled, but do not be stern either, keep a balance. You try hard and you do not see a reward, but you have to know how to sell yourself well. You can have a little tension in relationships with people around you.virgo daily horoscope 15th december 2017

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Virgo Love Today
There is a person who feels so strongly attracted to you that he could compromise you, especially if at this moment you have a love commitment because his insistence and recklessness would risk your current relationship. Beware of text messages, social networks, and misleading situations. You will be particularly impactful by appealing to your creativity. Dreaming can be productive.

Virgo Health Today
Today is a busy day from early in the morning so take it easy to avoid complications and do not overwhelm yourself excessively. Your sign is healthy, but if you do not help it, you may have problems, apply the intuitive knowledge of Virgo at all times. With a lot of reserve and delicacy, you intervene in a somewhat tense discussion. You manage to impose yourself with your usual skill. The moon comforts you in your opinions and you keep control of the discussion and the situation. Help your body to be in good shape with a little regular exercise. If you have chosen the day to travel, today it is not advisable to leave it for tomorrow.

Virgo Work Today
Certain new schedules or some transformations introduced in your work could worry you by altering your rhythm of life and your normal biorhythm. The first thing you should do is try to adapt as soon as possible to the change, and not the other way around, you can do it, you are an expert in that sense. You will be more vulnerable today. Chase your doubts and let things go at their natural pace. You have a great ability to be everywhere at once. You multiply your interventions and you have no respite. A great strength of action characterizes you and you manage to meet many expectations. If you work in the medical or social environment, you excel.

Virgo Luck and Money Today
If you have just received a credit card or are in possession of extra money do not run immediately to the first store to spend it. Then you might need it. Avoid impulsive investments or untimely or crazy purchases. The advice of someone older than you will allow you to make a good decision, which requires short-term sacrifices.