Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Friday 17th May 2019

Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Friday 17th May 2019

Your sign is usually very detached, and that is a beautiful quality, Virgo, but in love remember that it is given and received, you can not dedicate all your life and your time to satisfy your partner and that they ignore you in your needs more intimate

It was time to pose tenderly, but firmly, what you want in your relationship. You will overcome the obstacles present in this current period of your birthday cycle. Housewives will be receiving welcome news and even the possibility of family recognition.virgo daily horoscope today friday 17th may 2019

That person who believes in you and your potentials will help you to recover your self-esteem, something that could have been weakened by some recent sentimental setback or a bad experience with the wrong person. Now you are in a frank process of sentimental revitalization, Virgo.

A smile is the best medicine and as complicated as you have the day try to look at yourself in a mirror, smile and project yourself in a concrete way before life. Your health will thank you.

This weekend that is coming will bring a remarkable turn within your work reality and in less time than you thought you will have in your hands that opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Money and Luck
The disposition that you have now in the order of savings from the current planetary transits of your ruler, Mercury, will help you to have more resources the rest of the year. There will be a very interesting offer that you should consider from different perspectives.

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