Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Friday 19th October 2018

Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Friday 19th October 2018

Even if you are right in an argument, if you know that you cannot raise your views calmly, sensibly and without altering yourself better keep your mouth closed then. The moonlight inspires you and puts you in an ideal position to reach agreements and commitments, but only if you maintain your self-control and above all do not let yourself be impressed or stressed by others.

There are good astral effluvia in your horoscope and as a consequence you feel much better of the chronic ailments that often affect you. This is a day of recovery and awareness of your health. What if today we schedule a special relaxation for you? It is definitely beginning to notice the wear and tear of your stressful existence. Why not go to the gym and spend some time in the sauna or jacuzzi? Think of a good massage. Take tonight to have a quiet dinner with that special someone. She will be surprised to see you so relaxed.

The questions of the heart are inscrutable and if you feel that a certain person is attracting you, do not ask why or why, simply flow with the flow of life. You will be amazed at what you harvest. The telephone calls to that person that interests you so much seem to hit a brick wall, since you may not be able to find it. You could receive money by mail, although maybe not today. Today could be a day full of frustrations, but the night should make up for it. Love and romantic affairs are fantastic at this time: today is a wonderful day to schedule a night alone with your partner. Have fun

The new moon marks a very healthy stage in your horoscope, Virgo. You are in a cycle of surprising energy and vitality, but if you waste it on activities that attempt against your health you could lose the gained ground. Lately you have enjoyed very good health, but today you may feel a little weak, and above, a little sad. Nothing serious happens to you; you just need to get distracted by a good book or a bunch of videos and laugh a while. If you work, look for the company of your colleagues, or call a friend while you perform your tasks. That will distract you. If you stay at home, get in bed and sleep until you can.

A friendly person will help you promote an investment that will represent additional work that will bring new income to your family. However, it is imperative that you analyze the advantages and disadvantages of it before committing yourself. Today you will have some differences of opinion with people. You will find that people at work are driving you crazy because of the way they handle a project. Or you will find that you are angry with life, and that you would like to hide in a cave and hibernate for a while. You’d better find a more practical solution to face the challenges of the day.

Money and Luck
You will feel satisfied with the achievements in your economic life. However, there is still the best to achieve and within a few days you will be receiving additional income that will help you a lot especially if you have some kind of work for fixed income commissions. This will be an interesting day, since you will discover hidden talents. Pay attention to any kind of strange thoughts that go through your mind. Similarly, if you know someone, and you have a strong first impression, try to discover the meaning. Whether you know it or not, you have a high level of intuition. Like any muscle, it is strengthened with use. Today you will have the opportunity to do it!

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