Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Friday 23rd October 2020

Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Friday 23rd October 2020

This is the day when you establish definitions between what you really need and what you would like to have because both are two totally different things. Due to a mistake, likely, you have not been invited to participate in a certain activity, party, or meeting. Instead of bothering you, rejoice, it didn’t suit you! One of the keys to being successful in life is knowing how to transform or transmute any type of apparently negative or contradictory situation into something positive and if that is what you do today you will realize how you get what you really want.

Take a break from caffeine today. You may find that large amounts of sugar and caffeine cause you to become mentally intoxicated. You may find yourself bouncing off the walls and one thing leads to another. At this point, you may get the impression that you are being very productive and resourceful. However, in reality, you may just be talking nonsense. Be careful, because when you fall into reality, it will be hard.virgo daily horoscope 23rd october 2020

The time of doubts and indecisions is over and you know how to look at your future with a concrete and happy vision. Avoid by all means being involved in conflictive situations because your sign requires harmony and tranquility to flourish and if you associate with scandalous and problematic people you would have problems. You seem to share the bitter observation, star of the song in the 80s: “I still love him, but not really …” You miss the passion, you regret having exchanged fireworks for a gentle wood fire. The presence of the moon in your sky shows, however, that your partner will skillfully convert you to the virtues of lasting and sincere love.

You may decide to work with someone on a special project. Perhaps you are involved in a challenging task at work. You may feel overwhelmed because you have been assigned too much responsibility. You will feel better if you share the load with someone. See if a coworker is willing to help. Perhaps they can connect to collaborate, forming a new alliance. Your love will benefit from a nice boost from Venus. The good influence of this planet will play, of course, if you are already linked, offering you a climate of sensuality and complicity. But it is especially the solitary natives who will be favored since Venus will have a good chance of offering them a meeting that will not leave them indifferent.

Do not neglect your physical activities and no matter how much work or occupations you have on this day, set aside even about forty minutes for your exercises, jogging, or walking with energy, in short, everything that makes you sweat and eliminate toxins. Your role today is internalization. You don’t want to be bothered with boring things or tedious stories; You will feel in a gray mood and you will only have time to listen to your inner voice that will be in full self-analysis. Listen to it but do not fall prey to a feeling of melancholy that will cost you a lot to get rid of if you don’t pay attention. Be aware of it.

Those around you admire your ability to face all obstacles with calm and serenity. If you were, a lot of people would have panicked, but you wouldn’t. You list the problems and gradually find the most suitable solutions. You do not waste your energy in unnecessary convolutions and always know how to keep a cool head. Does an unforeseen rebound screw things up? You find a way to see the bright side of every situation. You have impressive mental strength. You are never lacking in prudence, and this time it will be very useful for you to get through the little health concerns that the stars have in store for you. Nothing to worry about, but Mars and Neptune could make you vulnerable to a risk of gastroenteritis or food poisoning. So be sure to only consume extremely fresh products; temporarily skip seafood.

You are a very clear mind and your decisions associated with the labor sector are correct and prudent. You manage to solve many pending problems today and you feel happy and satisfied with all the achievements you make today in your job and even the possibilities of assuming a new responsibility. Nothing very exciting about the job. You will be entrusted with thankless tasks just when you want to have fun and impose a new brand image. Don’t make a scandal.

Generally, your steepest critic is you, and today is nothing different. Due to recent mishaps at work or home, you have begun to doubt your ability. Analyze the situation objectively. You probably had nothing to do with what happened, so it’s not fair that you doubt yourself. As always, do your best, and don’t let outside forces sap your confidence.

Money and Luck
Business is going well, but for it to go even better it is necessary that you separate the limits well and do not get romantically involved with your partners in financial matters. If you mix love with money, you would lose out because both aspects of your life are not compatible at the moment. You are a gamer at heart, and this trend will be accentuated this time around. Thus, you will be very tempted to perform daring financial operations and in particular to play on the stock market, hoping to succeed in “smoking guns”. If you still stay within reason, you should get great results. Virgo Luck Today

Don’t let one person’s foolish comment ruin your entire day. You will notice people a bit mean in everything from money, emotions to time for their loved ones. The more you tell someone they are wrong, the more that person will reject your advice. In general, this is a good time to stay out of the way of others.

On the financial side, your room for maneuver is quite tight at the moment: if you haven’t already done so, you absolutely have to start setting limits. Exit purchases on a whim and unnecessary expenses to the detriment of essential ones. Take the time to take stock of your consumption habits, particularly those relating to technology: do you shop a lot on the internet? Are these purchases essential? And above all: would you have bought the same thing if you had been in a store?

Family and Friends
You plan to take your whole family on vacation. This will allow you to spend more time with them and solder the links. Mountain, sea or countryside, you can go wherever you want! Supported by the Sun, you will control your positive and negative emotions.

Do not look for discussions that could generate unnecessary debate, it could waste your time. You should also have a good time with your friends especially if you are planning a dinner or a movie tonight. In some cases, it is your children who will be more brittle than usual. Don’t worry, just stay calm and attentive, and they’ll quickly regain their balance. In other cases, it is you who may be more demanding, sometimes excessively.

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