Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Friday 24th May 2019

Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Friday 24th May 2019

The departure of the Moon from your sign shocks everything. The main thing on this day is that you do not lose confidence in your potential and continue to insist on the path you have taken, Virgo. Your will do the rest. You are somewhat apprehensive in love, but also more able to understand other people’s motivations.

Your sixth sense today is very acute because the lunar transit helps you to meditate more things and not immediately jump to conclusions that would not lead you to anything good. A new person emerges in your life, very complicated.virgo daily horoscope today friday 24th may 2019

Your love reality on this Friday is very different from what you thought was going to happen with your life, Virgo. Now you know well what you must do to keep yourself in the heart and thought of that person that for a moment you thought you were going to lose.

Be prudent, Virgo. You are very sensitive to environmental risks. Stay away from places where there are dangerous conditions such as heights, electrical installations and places with strong odors, both ammoniacal and disinfectants that may affect your health.

There are several ways to solve certain issues that in the past have kept you worried about a new job or activity that you could not fully develop. The work reality is better than you could think.

Money and Luck
You are entering a period of economic adjustments that will help you to create a solid foundation in your budget. Your ideas now flow with more dynamism and opportunities to take advantage and money to your knowledge and experiences will be presented.

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