Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Friday 2nd November 2018

Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Friday 2nd November 2018

The influence of the lunar transit this Friday tends to make you somewhat careless and reckless. Do not take your obligations today as if it were a game, but do not be too rigid and distant. Draw a very clear dividing line between responsibility and seriousness in your work, and jokes and jokes in the other. It is especially your relationship with your children that will be affected by Mercury and Saturn harmonic aspect. The atmosphere at home will be lively and lively, with moments of joie de vivre. Your children will be enthusiastic. And, if you know how to encourage them as they deserve, they will bring back good grades from school or great sports results that will make you very happy.

Be happy because you will soon receive an expected money and if your previous relationships were not the best and your trust in people has decreased, you do not have to think that it will always be the same. Apply what you have learned at all times and never lose confidence in yourself and in life! More than ever, friendship will be a vital part of your life. So much so that your spouse or partner could be very jealous of your dating. Arrange to quickly dispel any possible misunderstandings. Why not associate the other with all your friendly relationships?

After the storm comes the calm and today with the positive influence of Venus and Mars in your life, paths of domestic happiness open up. What seemed distant, distant and uncertain becomes a beautiful reality this day. You will do something you had not thought of. Planet Jupiter will provide you with support for luck in all areas of life. But let’s bet that your married life will be the first to enjoy it. This impact will allow you to find a solid complicity with your spouse or partner. Single, no need to sadden you: with the stars Jupiter and Mercury joining forces, you will not avoid a capital encounter. You will meet someone who will touch you on all levels: mind, heart and love. Let yourself go to this passion, which is born under excellent auspices.

You will be somewhat tense in the morning hours, but if you do not let yourself be impressed by what is happening to you, you will soon recover your habitual stability and there will be no negative repercussions on your health. Take advantage of the night to rest at home. With this aspect of Mars, you should not run out of energy to accomplish all your tasks. In addition, thanks to the support of Uranus, those of you who have recently had some health concerns will see their condition improve.

If you are going through a difficult time at work and you think you can lose your job, leave behind those negative ideas. When you finish this astral position that is wrapping your horoscope, your work landscape will be clarified and many problems of the past will be solved. Today, the stars will be ready to help you improve your professional situation at all levels. Your entrepreneurial spirit and sense of purpose will enable you to build both profitable and constructive projects for the future. It will, however, try to control your character somewhat capricious, unstable, which will often prevent you from going to the end of your ideas.

Money and Luck
Do not exaggerate your social invitations because the money you are saving to make an important and necessary purchase could disappear amidst meals, drinks, gifts and parties. Do everything, but with prudence and wisdom, to the best style of your sign Virgo. This configuration of Neptune may hinder those of you whose financial situation is not healthy. This will be the time to set the record straight, with some, those who have debts for example, deadlines to meet.

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