Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Friday 8th November 2019

Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Friday 8th November 2019

Due to the retrograde action of Venus, you could be arguing or fighting with your partner for a circumstance that if you look at it well it does not have the importance that both are giving it. The best? Forget the matter, kiss and forgive those discussions that cool your emotional reality.

If today you have to attend your work try to do your thing and avoid complicating yourself in personal matters outside. If you are resting, enjoy it. Answer a phone call or contact with a person who has something very important to communicate and that will coincide with the direct transit of Jupiter that occurs today and attracts good fortune to your life, Virgo.virgo daily horoscope 8th november 2019

There are people who change sentimental interests and affections such as a shirt or blouse and that person you are now beginning to meet could be one of them. Do not be dazzled by its appearance or what it tells you and try to know it more deeply before making any kind of commitment.

You will live a certain animation in your love life. If you are already in the household, two opposite possibilities. Either your couple is strong, and Venus will magnify the tender feelings between you and your spouse; either your couple is in big trouble, and Venus can then invite your partner to infidelity. If you are single, the astral influences will be rather favorable: Venus, joining Uranus, can provoke a meeting to take your breath away!

The position of your Regent Mercury, direct, on this day, can cause you problems and some environmental hypersensitivity. Do not expose yourself unnecessarily to conditions that may affect you and avoid clothes or shoes that are too tight or tight.

You would like to have beautiful skin, right? Well, Venus and the company will support the care today. You will not need expensive creams or lotions, which also give only very questionable results. Quite simply, avoid over-smoking or over-drinking, skip sweets, and drink plenty of mineral water and herbal teas.

Take any opportunity in the place where you are employed to demonstrate your talent and ability. You are a hard-working person and in that sense, you have the advantage in the position that you will soon be occupying. Your work life is strengthened, Virgo

In your business, your original and sometimes daring designs are likely to come to fruition if you know how to prepare them better and have the patience to take into account the important details. Otherwise, try to follow the advice of wise people or surround yourself properly to put the most assets on your side to carry out projects that are dear to you.

Money and Luck
You can receive some extra money from abroad or from an unexpected source. Don’t spend it right away but rather keep it. It will have a greater performance within a few weeks in a favorable hit of chance. Virgo Luck Today

The good aspects of Mercury will connect you to a stream of luck. You will have the intuition to find bargains, you will make a profitable meeting, or you will probably benefit from a tax rebate.

Family and Friends
You will not know what attitude to adopt with your offspring. You will be permissive and then, all of a sudden, you will opt for firmness. However, be sure to keep the dialogue with them.

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