Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Friday 9th August 2019

The Moon in a sign similar to yours creates a very positive aura in your horoscope this Friday, Virgo. You will be surprised at the way in which a person you considered your friend reacts to a naive comment from you in relation to your partner. Follow your hunches that are now very wise.

Beware of people who may tempt you to do something wrong or not very clear legally. Remember that your ruler, Mercury, is retrograde and when that planetary transit occurs it is necessary to be very careful with what is done or said.

Love envelops you with the tone of surprise and you will happily overcome the obstacles that prevented you from fully enjoying bliss. What once caused you pain or sadness is being relegated to the background in this planetary cycle.

In this astral period of the month of August, you improve a lot of health if you have had respiratory difficulties. You also feel strengthened and more willing to apply new diets or lifestyles that are much healthier.

You can be tense in the morning hours and feel overwhelmed by the possibility of losing the job you now have. Do not be impressed by those negative thoughts because you would cause yourself harm and not solve anything concrete in your work.

Money and Luck
There are money and fortune in the environment but do not rush to spend it if you receive it unexpectedly because you should not exaggerate anything. At this time you need to keep control of your budget so as not to get involved in debts.


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