Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Monday 10th December 2018

Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Monday 10th December 2018

With the passage of the Moon by your sign and the energy that comes from Mercury, your affective landscape presents astral aspects that are affecting these moments within your sign, creating a favorable scenario for the seed of love to germinate. If you are committed, take care of your relationship, avoid flattery and flirting.

If you do not have a partner, then take advantage of this attractive wave that surrounds you to bring your most intimate sensual desires to the surface. The intuition that has favored you since the lunar transit of the past days is now accentuated and you discover new ways of expression, both in the sentimental and professional aspects.virgo daily horoscope today monday 10th december 2018

We are in the fourth quarter phase of the Moon and your regent, the planet Mercury is retrograde. Something surprising resurfaces in the form of a hidden romance or a situation that you really did not expect. If you do not have current commitments, explore this possibility and live this adventure, but be very careful if you have a partner, you could seriously commit yourself. Be very judicious and do not act emotionally or untimely.

A good exam by a qualified eye doctor will help you rectify any vision problems in time, but discover organic changes through the bottom of the eye. It’s time to visit the ophthalmologist and check your vision, particularly if your family has a clinical history of similar problems.

If your job is to sell or you have business abroad, there is good news for you. This is a good day to try something new and if you plan to travel, do it by taking precautions, that is, by going to the airport in advance as there are retrograde planets and delays may arise.

Money and Luck
Separate a certain amount to be able to face the unforeseen eventualities that could arise if you decide to leave your present position and launch yourself in search of another activity more in tune with your charismatic personality.

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