Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Monday 1st February 2021

Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Monday 1st February 2021

There are certain work or financial issues that can make you somewhat emotionally unstable during this astral cycle. Do not show your indecision to the person with whom you are starting a relationship because they could get confused and take it for lack of affection. If you are not sure of your feelings, better shut up for the moment, consult your inner being and then make decisions more calmly. Do not be guided by appearances and even if it seems that everything is running smoothly, you should continue your efforts and do not consider anything finished until you receive answers to your proposals, demands, and just demands in your work.

Today you may decide to make a change in yourself. You have always been interested in change, but this last time you have been a little bored. Perhaps it is time to modify your physical appearance. You could dye your hair or tan your skin. Or maybe buy some fancy European suits to make yourself look even better. You will like to surprise people by presenting your new image.virgo daily horoscope 1st february 2021

There are indications of a temporary but not permanent separation. It can be a business trip, a job transfer, or something similar. Don’t torment yourself thinking that the world is over because in a short time everything will return to normal and then you will realize that you were exaggerating.

Today you will have children in mind. If you don’t have children, you may be thinking about the whole topic of building a family. Perhaps a friend asks you to take care of his children, or your sister invites you to spend some time with your nephew or niece. Your own children will be eager to play and have fun with you.

This superb aspect of Pluto promises you excellent moments as a couple. But you must be careful not to provoke the jealousy of your spouse or partner, otherwise, the situation may become explosive. Single, undergoing the action of the planet Saturn, you will experience an overwhelming desire to found a home, to seek marriage or at least a stable union, and will lose the taste for passing or for short-lived loves. But it will be necessary to avoid a passivity that would be detrimental to you.

Don’t neglect your feet. With care, you will keep them in perfect condition. Make time to pamper yourself and relax mentally. This Monday live it intensely and propose to enjoy it one hundred percent.

Your sixth sense is not wrong, always trust your intuition. You will establish a fantastic relationship that will allow you to formulate the plan you have in mind. Focus on aspects that identify with you and your moral principles. You will not have to struggle to find the answer, because it is in front of you.

If you have a problem sleeping, consider the benefits of herbal teas. These are effective in moderate and transient insomnia. You can prepare delicious infusions or extracts of neurosedative plants (lime blossom, valerian, passionflower) or antispasmodics and digestives (chamomile, mint, lemon balm). Drink them in peace, because everything counts!

Your artistic sensitivity is on the rise and many Virgos will be motivated to do something new. Follow that inspiration and you can start new work projects today, and create suggestive things in your work and your business.

If you crossed the line last night, today you will pay the price. If your head explodes and your blood feels like molasses, remember that everything in excess, no matter how good, has its consequences! As much as you want to get out of bed to attend to your business, it is useless. Spend the morning in bed and take the opportunity to rest. You will see that in the afternoon you will feel in top shape. Work can wait.

You will take the bull by the horns from the start of the period, determined to move on to achieve your highest professional ambitions. Luck will support your efforts, but you will need to be careful not to be too haughty or overbearing with your colleagues.

Money and Luck
If you are going to buy something important that requires a larger investment, such as a car, land, house, farm, business, or expensive equipment, it is very important to read all the guarantees, the fine print, and make sure of the securities offered. Don’t jump into the first thing that comes up. Virgo Luck Today

Beware of gossip. Sure, it’s a lot of fun to get together and gossip and learn juicy secrets from your friends or colleagues. But keep in mind that what you hear may not be the whole truth. And be careful not to repeat what you have heard. Imagine how you would feel if someone were spreading false information about your life!

The financial opportunities that have fallen to you lately will become rarer. Neptune will bring you luck again. But be careful, because this planet could make you too optimistic. Be careful, therefore, not to continue to believe in Santa Claus, and not to place your trust in just anyone.

Family and Friends
For once, you will be able to reconcile work and family life. You will pursue your professional goals with ardor, and at the same time, you will take good care of your loved ones. Well done! Keep going!

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