Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Monday 24th December 2018

Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Monday 24th December 2018

Do not neglect your public image, your personal appearance and the way you dress, speak and drive on this day because there are eyes on you trying to see what you are wrong or what you do wrong to show you.

This does not mean that you become paranoid or suspicious but that you are simply aware of that reality. Happily, your intuition will help you discover the best for you especially now that your ruler, the planet Mercury, is already direct.virgo daily horoscope today monday 24 december 2018

Maybe you can feel somewhat nostalgic for a temporary separation due to an unexpected trip, but do not worry because love will be strengthened by that involuntary distancing and there will be nothing that can damage or break your current relationship.

Do not anticipate the events and calmly wait for the medicines you are using to combat your discomforts begin to give results because the constant changes from one substance to another do not favor you at all.

You start a stage of a lot of job growth because you get happy ideas that once put to work will allow you to climb a better position in your workplace and you will gain recognition and respect from your colleagues.

Money and Luck
Certain conversations that have been inconclusive in the past days regarding the possibility of starting a new economic activity with a partner are now refreshed and you discover new opportunities to earn money from your home.

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