Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Monday 5th November 2018

Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Monday 5th November 2018

Open your eyes and ears well for everything you see and hear on this day because if you have had financial or personal problems you will see how a cycle of solutions begins and everything that bothered you goes into the background. Today your things will improve, and you will discover that your emotions are much more controlled than usual. You have a strong extra connection with nature, and your cultivated and sensitive side is shining. Show others that you are not that stubborn and aggressive person they think. Let them know that other side of you.

If you are without a partner and you are worried about this situation, it is time to act so as not to miss a love appointment or an emotional meeting opportunity. Call by phone, send an email, cultivate that new friendship and there may be pleasant surprises.

This astral landscape coupled with the transit of Mercury is activating the most daring part of your personality by launching you to explore what until now was only a dream or fantasy, but that from these moments becomes reality. Today you will receive the recognition you were waiting for. If it is in the workplace, a salary increase or congratulations from your superior will indicate that you have been doing things right. If you do not work, it may be on the sentimental or family level that you feel that your efforts have not been in vain. The day will give you the feeling that you finally get the respect and consideration you crave.

Leave aside the hesitations, do not wait any longer and take that decisive step within your health that will allow you to join a gym and start an effective treatment as soon as possible to strengthen your muscles and your physical conditions. Lately your warmth and good nature attracts others like a magnet. Of course you are used to this happening, but today these aspects of your personality are especially enhanced. You will discover that meeting other people makes you feel a satisfaction that you have not felt for a long time. After all, it is our loved ones who make living truly worthwhile. This is also an ideal time for romantic encounters.

Do everything as you know and do not start to change your working methods at the last moment without having explored them before and be sure of how they work. It is not time to make improvisations in your job, but responsible actions. Today you will play the detective. Something or someone, maybe a pet, has been lost in your neighborhood and you will take care of it. The object of your search will be difficult to reach, but it will appear when you least imagine it. The only precaution: when you search, do not go too far. Whatever you’re looking for will not be more than a block or two away. Stay close to your house and everything will be fine.

Money and Luck
A project that will keep you busy for most of the day will be presented, but once you have finished it you will feel satisfied because you can put it to work and in a short time you will be throwing a good profit rate. Today, you may find an old friend who seems to have changed. And therefore, you will see that this person is very attractive and you will send him a run of physical passion. This can be disconcerting, but ignore it, since you always considered him a friend. Statistics indicate that the most successful marriages are those that started with a friendship.

By Mary Emma

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