Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Monday 6th June 2022

This day you will be kind, the Sun in Gemini speaks about the relationship and the mixture of various elements through the correct resolution of duality. Gemini and the Sun create a pure Second Ray energy field, one that allows for the unification of Will and Form through intelligently applied Love.

This is a good time to heal wounds that remain in the subconscious, forgive those who have hurt you, and forgive yourself. Start the healing path that is sorely lacking. Due to the passage of the Sun in the 10th house, you will be a person who is mainly concerned with your own public honors and how others see you. Professional issues and the good path to succeed in life on a social level are of the utmost importance to you for now.

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The 10th house is a house of Earth, angular and charged with Capricorn energy, which is why today we find ourselves in a house in which what is experienced becomes material. And as if that weren’t enough, the Sun contributes to what is materializing with great success. So it’s time to take out all those projects that are on paper, in a digital file, or in the mind to carry them out.

Pluto in the fifth house suggests that the children, if you have them, could be rude and difficult to manage, because you have not known how to educate them, in fact, your partner could be bossy and may show an attitude of wanting to manage you. In general, this aspect makes you show yourself with a weak character.

In romantic relationships, Pluto in your 5th house makes you a person who will try to take control in the relationship or you will attract controlling partners. Drama in your relationships will be a very common thing with this aspect. Take into account the energy that this aspect causes so that you do not allow yourself to be humiliated by anyone.

The accelerated pace that you have at work and the weakness of not being able to say no bring you health problems due to overwork. That stress could generate some hypochondria. It’s time to relax a bit. It is the energy produced by Mars in trine to the ascendant.

If you start a new job, it won’t necessarily be the position you thought you’d be in when you accepted it. It’s not that the people you’re dealing with are necessarily deceitful or scamming. What is meant is that they will not be the agreed conditions or they will change slightly due to external agents. These are the conditions generated by Mercury in retrogradation.

The passage of Pluto in your house 5 the house of pleasures could generate a great need to spend money on entertainment, you could have a tendency to spend a lot of time playing in casinos. Reconsider this behavior because the only thing that this attitude will leave you could be debts.

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