Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 10th August 2019

You get pleasant news with the return to your life of absent love. Open your eyes wide to the signals you are receiving around you! During this astral cycle where you least think the passion and illusion of a new romance await you, Virgo. Happy ideas arise that will allow you to earn more money in a new job in a very short time.

However, you must move, talk with your superiors, communicate in writing your projects and act very firmly because only then will you overcome the obstacles that arise with your ruler, Mercury, retrograde.

You may feel imbued with the need or urgency to show that you can do more than you really are capable of and this could cause your ego to inflate and give an unrealistic image to others. Be natural and spontaneous, with the presence of courage and security that characterizes your sign, because in that way of acting is your trump card.

The energy influence that is surrounding you right now is very positive and if you use it properly you can have an excellent day, both in some sports competitions and in any type of similar physical activity.

You will have to make an important decision because there are two or three options before you, but before choosing one of them you should study properly what suits you, especially in terms of the free time you have left to enjoy.

Money and Luck
Your intuitions are very successful and your economic projects are going well. You are on a positive path, very creative, to do what you want and also, the contacts that will now be presented in your life are promising.

Lucky Numbers Today

3 12 25 49


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