Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 1st December 2018

Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 1st December 2018

Great planetary aspect of Venus, planet of love! There is good news for you in the love aspect because you come out bravely from a conflict or an embarrassing situation in which, unintentionally, you have been involved.

You are at a happy moment to restart or restart a relationship. Do not let yourself be overwhelmed by pessimistic people, you do your thing, and go ahead, Virgo. It is also good for travel and to explore chance and legal games.virgo daily horoscope today saturday 1st december 2018

The possibility of a romantic encounter will fill you with enthusiasm and great expectations, enjoying beforehand what may happen next. There are many surprises for this weekend. A phone call will surprise you. If you take the first step everything will be solved.

Anxiety usually causes palpitations and chest pains. If it is your case do not torment yourself unnecessarily assuming conditions associated with the heart. Of course, if the discomfort persists, consult your doctor and leave doubts.

Your Virgo sign is well supported, but you must act with more social tact and avoid useless arguments with people at your job that waste your time. This way you will be able to carry out your work without major labor complications.

Money and Luck
You will receive a pleasant economic surprise and unexpected money. The planetary aspects cooperate with you to strengthen your intuition and help you see what actions to take to multiply your profits without risking much.

By Mary Emma

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