Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 23rd November 2019

Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 23rd November 2019

The planets begin at a very nice concert in your yard. No false notes and a lot of harmonies to develop these days! The score is in your hands and the orchestra is at your command. Ask and you will get.

Happy, fulfilled, good in your sneakers, you have a warm atmosphere around you. Your good mood is contagious and is a source of intense pleasure. So, take full advantage of it to boost your relationships and build new relationships.virgo daily horoscope 23rd november 2019

You like it thanks to a sky that boosts your energies, magnifies your aura and assures you a love rating on the rise. You seem inevitable, we only see you and you fully exploit this development.

Lassitude wins you, you feel an irresistible need for novelty. Maybe you’ll meet great love on a hike to the top of the Himalayas, maybe it’s not further than down the street, maybe you’re not able to see it by having it under the eyes every day. In any case, you will renew your passion by investing in activities that correspond to your values and the meaning you want to give to your life.

You will lead well your conjugal life. There will be no room either for lukewarm feelings or for breakdowns. You will find shocking recipes to revive or support the flame of your spouse or partner. Single, you will not be encumbered with romance this time. The bottom line for you will be to find love satisfaction, whether with one or more partners. It would be better, for the sake of those (or those) you are dealing with, not to make too insincere declarations of love!

Money and Luck
You are the right person to clean up any financial situation. You are methodical, patient and your reasoning is very judicious. You may be helping people who will be particularly generous in return. Virgo Luck Today

Your monetary circumstances could give you a hard time about your loved ones. If you have children, your parenting fiber will be in crisis in the face of a dilemma. Each of your blond heads receives the same love from you, however, the situation will be less fair in financial terms. If you do not have children, it may be difficult to spend time with all your friends for a lack of budget. You may be forced to favor some relationships over others.

Take the bull by the horns in case of pecuniary difficulties. Arrangements seem possible, but on the condition of coping. The worst mistake would be not to answer the calls of your creditors.

The support of your entourage, the cordiality of your business ties will put you in the heart. Success is within your reach and your daring will be your best asset. Indeed, who could resist so much persuasion? You have the words to convince!

It will be a good time to go back to school if you have long desired, to do a training or retraining course, or to deepen your knowledge in an area you like. In the meantime, your daily work will bring you many satisfactions.

You start the day on the run and you will have to optimize the possibilities. Take a step back on events and your emotions to make the decisions that are in full possession of your means!

Did you have trouble getting out of bed this morning? The fault of Saturn has been around you for several days and decided that a little slack would be perfect for today. If you listen to your needs, it should not last long. Do a bit of exercise, make a little homemade dish or vegetate a few hours on the couch, and everything will be better tomorrow. If time and desire are lacking, just leave the mountain of dirty laundry and your worries where they are. Promised, they will not have moved in the early morning!

You would be well advised to heal your skin today. The influence of Neptune badly aspected in your theme may indeed accelerate its aging process. To counterbalance these adverse effects, consider putting non-greasy moisturizing creams every night. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. Choose skincare products containing vitamins A, B5 and E. Consume whole grains, wheat germ, pulses, green vegetables, carrots, butter, milk, and plain yogurts.

Family and Friends
Your relationships with members of your household will prove to be hectic, if not explosive, today. The conflicting relationships that reign between Mars and Neptune in the family area are for many: on the one hand, you feel vulnerable, on the other, you are invaded by impatience and a certain aggressiveness. Whether it is with your parents, your spouse or your children, you will have to avoid the subjects favorable to the outbursts.

Intuitive, receptive to the extreme, you will also be particularly subjective. This may cause some problems with your family. You will lack perspective because you will judge everything about yourself. React! The stake will be too important for you to let go.

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