Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 27th July 2019

The impact of the eclipse comes with something unusual, Virgo. There is happy news coming from those who have not seen for a long time and who are getting in touch with you. A friendly person will give you a pleasant joy associated with money or an economic movement that has been pending.

Expect the best because, in your attitude, positive and realistic in the circumstances is where the key to happiness lies. Go preparing the conditions for a short trip in which there will be possibilities for everything, including a gift.

They are behind those doubts of love that have had you restless thinking that your partner was cheating on you or there was infidelity when everything was an idea arisen by a false suspicion arisen in part by the retrograde influence of your ruler and the action of the lunar eclipse in the air element.

There is no problem in your astral horizon, but keep an attentive attitude in the home because there is an inclination to entertainment and dispersion that could cause accidents, which you will avoid if you put a little caution.

The weekend before you take advantage of it and analyze your current situation. The success of an upcoming work meeting will depend on your intuition and how you handle the opportunities and circumstances that are being presented.

Money and Luck
The morning will be the bearer of new pleasures in your economic horizon and in a short time, you will be preparing your bags for a short trip associated with a buying and selling business that will increase your income.


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