Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 3rd August 2019

Be very careful with your expressions now that your ruler, the planet Mercury, is retrograde. You are tempted to say hurtful things to your partner, or maybe complain without real sense. It is important that you contain yourself and do not do things that you should later regret. Life is short, happiness is achieved when we know how to live in harmony and communicate well.

If that person breached his promise or missed his word, forget the regrets. No depression You attract what you are looking for and if you get involved with nostalgia, that is what you will bring into your life. Do not overdo it so as not to complicate the matter further.

A word from you, a gesture, a caress, will be the factors that will change sadness for joy in your love relationship. Startup internal resources and you will be able to bring laughter and happiness to a dear face. Love waits for you this weekend.

Blood pressure and physical exercise are inextricably linked. If you have been suffering from hypertension recently consult with your doctor about the possibility of immediately starting an energetic activity plan.

You are moving in your work in an emotional way and this could cause upheavals if your job requires concentration and details, but if the work activity you develop is of a physical nature then that energy will be positively turned into your current job.

Money and Luck
You will have the opportunity to receive extra money from an important sale and a gift that comes into your life at a good time. A person from the recently known business world will help you a lot in the economic aspect. Listen carefully.

Good friend Virgo, the horoscope and tarot of today May 3, 2019, predict that everything you were waiting for will happen. A positive era is coming, with changes in energy and realization, Virgo!

The arcane of “The Star” refers to situations that move in your favor. To wishes fulfilled and goals achieved. You might see it all a bit black, and certain things will not get better, but now all that is left behind and you will see your desires and goals fulfilled.

Now everything will be fine. If you expected a promotion, you will get it. If you wanted a partner, you can meet someone special. Money? Maybe there is an unexpected income.

It is true when Virgo does not forget the betrayals or offenses that are made against him or his loved ones, but not because it is a vengeful or spiteful sign.

When a Virgo native turns the page, he does it for real and forever.

But to forgive is not to forget, and he will keep in his mind that this situation has happened to learn from it, to be prevented in case that person betrays him again.

Everything that happens to him uses it to learn, to improve and to be even more mature and wiser.

So much so that he doesn’t waste time harboring negative feelings for anyone. But being good does not mean being silly, and Virgo will not allow anyone to alter the stability of his life.

My partner Virgo has not forgotten his ex
If your Virgo partner has not forgotten her ex, it is not because she is still in love with her and has doubts about her current relationship.

When a virgin leaves a relationship behind, it definitely does, that is, there is no possibility of regaining that link.

Now, that does not mean that you do not keep those moments or the person with whom you lived in a special place or have high esteem.

For him, all the experiences of his life are important, even the negative ones. If he has not forgotten his ex, it is simply because he was a special person, he learned a lot from her or marked a before and after in his love life for better or worse.

It’s not that Virgo lives the ruptures in a very special way, it’s just that he lives them differently from the rest.

Unlike other signs, born under different elements, Virgo is not characterized by being dramatic, impulsive or independent enough to touch absolute indifference.

It is stable and sincere. For him a break, although painful, is just a change that will eventually bring good things.
This happens because, before reaching the point of return of a separation, Virgo will have done what is necessary to try to save the relationship. That is why it is not so hard for them to say goodbye.


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