Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 5th December 2020

Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 5th December 2020

Take advantage of the energy that comes from the trine of the Moon with your ruler Mercury this Saturday, Virgo. If you are single, or single, plan a weekend outing so that when you arrive on Friday you will not find yourself without a specific plan or knowing what to do. This Saturday will be a day that requires a lot of maturities when making decisions because you are under the influence of many different factors and you could make an error in judgment if you respond immediately to a proposal or offer, without taking into account the different aspects of it. . There are great aspects within your horoscope, especially two important trines and a sextile.

You could have a hard time if you meet a person who does not approve of how you behave in certain situations. Perhaps one of your inaccurate comments was misinterpreted by someone who has overreacted to your words. Don’t you think of responding with poison darts, as it would make the situation worse? Your words will carry more weight than you think.virgo daily horoscope 5th december 2020

There is a somewhat confusing situation for single or separated because you are on the threshold of a decision between two people and you must act with great equanimity. If this is not your situation, and you enjoy a good relationship, then take it as a warning to enrich it more and prepare for the new year 2020 in which romance, passion, love abounds.

You can start planning family vacations. Maybe you feel like going somewhere warm and tropical. Or maybe you would like to go to a special city where you can attend theater shows and enjoy good food. You will want to analyze different travel packages. You will find some useful tips on the Internet. Or maybe you prefer to read a travel magazine. Be a detective and plan a special journey.

Are you hesitating between a serene and stable love and a more rock and roll adventure than ever? Be aware that behind his dilettantes and playful attire, this last opportunity could well hide a real relationship. So you can afford to select anyone of the two. For natives in a relationship, comparing yourself to other lovers who are friends or acquaintances could well harm your harmony. Neither better nor worse than any other, your relationship is yours alone. Don’t let the eyes of others destroy you.

Take advantage of aromatherapy and baths with salts and foam to relax your muscles and get back in shape. It is your day of recovery, not excessive or mental work. When you get home, set aside even half an hour for yourself, to take better care of yourself.

The current aspect of Uranus gives you a boost of energy. This good momentum allows you to return to sporting activities left aside. Now is the time to fully reinvigorate yourself with dynamic training such as running or aqua bike. Your appetite is also in good shape! You will want to treat yourself to reward yourself for your efforts. Give in to some winter sweets but avoid excess to maintain your physical and mental well-being.

You could decide to form a partnership with someone. It could be a romantic or business union. You will feel that you and the other person are such for which. Maybe you’ve recently met someone special. You may be ready to seriously date this person. Or you’ve probably decided to do business with a very good friend. They could form a corporate entity together, merging their resources and talents.

Maybe you are working today Saturday, or resting. In either situation, try to consciously apply your intelligence to make the most of your time. You will achieve many work successes starting tomorrow if you put your ideas to work because with them you will be able to live an excellent end of the year, with the type of activity that you are passionate about.

Today it is possible that you will come up with new ingenious ideas to make money, and perhaps you apply them not only in your personal life but also in your work. This may earn you recognition from your superiors! A great deal of energy, both physical and mental, can be channeled into your career affairs. Perhaps you are considering some strange options for your career. If you’re going to try something out of the ordinary, this is definitely the day to start the groundwork.

Money and Luck
The trine of the Moon with Mercury is an excellent aspect, Virgo. There are no problems associated with an economic issue that is to be resolved although there are now some delays in this regard. If you take things slowly you will be able to solve them promptly without major financial or legal complications. Virgo Luck Today

Although it is against your style, prepare for a pitched battle. In fact “setbacks” will haunt you today. Don’t be surprised if you go to the ice cream parlor for vanilla ice cream and all they have is chocolate. Remember that situations beyond your control are not worth bothering with.

If you are working, you may be faced with a problem that you cannot manage on your own. The position of Mars in your sky promotes teamwork and communication. You may need to put aside some prejudices about a coworker to try to find a quick fix. This could be an opportunity to rediscover a person whom you had misjudged and who will prove to be of great help. Put aside your pride and accept the outstretched hand.

Family and Friends
When a child is born, the instinct for protection exceeds anything that one could imagine. From then on, we find ourselves wanting to become the architect of our life. However, a drop of water is enough for the mechanism to jam. Hand in hand, act so that joy dominates your hands. Don’t be distracted by the violence of certain episodes. For the confidence to settle in eternity in your family, elbow grease and a sacred dose of communication are necessary.

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