Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 9th January 2021

Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 9th January 2021

You will achieve many things that seemed impossible. What worries you is solved satisfactorily if you pick up the phone and make the call that will fix everything, or better if you go personally and clarify a sentimental situation and put aside uncompromising attitudes in love, something that may be being caused by the Uranus retrograde action for your element, which will end in two days. Don’t let a misunderstanding spoil everything. Take action, don’t stand with your arms crossed. Now you are very intuitive with the Moon in a sign very compatible with yours.

Today take the rhythm and smile. You don’t need to whine all day. Remember that the image you project to others will dictate the kind of action that will bounce back to you. Keep the corner of your lips up. Today it is important that you stay on the side of the sidewalk where the sun reflects. You have millions of reasons to be happy, so feel free to show off those beautiful teeth to the world.virgo daily horoscope 9th january 2021

Life smiles at you in the love aspect, so you should be more optimistic and always look at the positive side of the circumstances around you without thinking that you are going to have failures.

Today you can make good arrangements. You may find yourself negotiating a raise in your salary or commission. Don’t be afraid to ask for the amount you think you deserve. Or maybe you will make new clients. You are likely to seduce them with your soft talk and creative way of expressing yourself. There is no one more impressive than you making use of your charms!

Venus does not seem to align with your daily life. To find love, you force yourself to go out and party a lot. What if these activities don’t suit you in the least? You don’t have to look trendy to be attractive. Listen to yourself more and the planets will know how to reward you. For natives as a couple, you will want freedom. Go ahead, if you are not afraid of jeopardizing your love and harming your partner. Otherwise, you risk paying dearly for your adventure.

Do not let yourself be overwhelmed by every day worries. A good walk in the open air is the best option. Apply the planetary energy of this Saturday to perform some physical exercise that distracts you mentally and at the same time strengthens you.

Today is one of those days when people will encourage you to feel more cheerful. It is a good day to share some jokes or listen to funny stories. Don’t be afraid to add some of your own, as you have a good sense of tongue-in-cheek comedy. Sometimes you funnily see life, but also a little dark! Today surround yourself with the laughter of others, and you will feel good.

Saturn is making life difficult for you at the moment … You are on edge and the slightest inconvenience can resurface anxieties that you believed to be definitively past. Don’t worry, you just need to catch your breath and refocus on yourself. And for that there is only one thing to do: forget your worries and let your loved ones fend for themselves. It won’t hurt them, but it will do you a lot of good.

If you work from home, there is good news. Little by little you discover that your efforts have not been in vain. A new job position awaits you, better paid and in a more pleasant place, everything in its own time, Virgo.

If you like gambling, today is definitely not your lucky day. You probably won’t win a lottery today. However, today is an excellent opportunity to organize your work more efficiently. A new method will increase your productivity and as a result, will greatly enhance your income. Today, it is better to bet on work than luck.

Money and Luck
You are on a suitable path to improve your economy, but if you lower your guard and do not move quickly, you could delay the victory, remember that while Uranus is in these last two days of its retrograde transit through your element, you must be very prudent in everything that you do. Virgo Luck Today

There will be so much to do today that you might feel a little intimidated to start. At noon, you may even realize that you are overwhelmed, and for good reason. Take a rest. Have a long lunch on a terrace, as long as the weather permits. Take a deep breath until the stress subsides. You will need to focus only on finishing one or two small things today and save the rest for tomorrow. Remember, so much stress can harm your health!

The presence of Mars in your sign makes you euphoric … and for good reason! With your training in hand, you are ready to launch yourself into a series of challenges. Here you are, ready to reach the heights of success. Who says the future position of responsibility, says full of twists in perspective. Do not be afraid, you have always known how to regulate this flow of emotions, negative or positive. Calm down, you really aren’t lacking much to achieve your goal.

Family and Friends
Now is the time to organize a weekend with family or friends. Indeed, the arrival of Uranus in house III favors travel and the discovery of new horizons. Take advantage of this astral climate conducive to travel to visit this country or region that you have always dreamed of discovering but where you have never taken the time to go. Be careful, however, for natives of the third decan who could experience an unforeseen event detrimental to the smooth running of their projects.

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