Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 12th November 2017

Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 12th November 2017

Your ruler, the planet Mercury, starts today Sunday an important transit to the earth element, that is, yours, moving to Capricorn. You must take advantage of this weekend to escape to a place where you can have fun and enjoy love and its possibilities.

If you are initiating a relationship you should do everything in your power to show your partner the noblest part of your Virgo sign, because if you act with coldness, rigidity, and distance, you would lose the possibility of living a full romance. Today is a good day to rebuild what could have been spoiled or complicated by a bad decision or an inappropriate attitude. Leave aside sad thoughts, suspicions, and fears because life is to live intensely every day.virgo daily horoscope of 12th november 2017

Virgo Love
The Moon increases your confidence in yourself. This planetary aspect is very favorable to talk, clarify points with the beloved, leave everything in the past, forget and start a new life. Everything has a solution if you propose.


Virgo Health
Keep a normal rhythm of life and you will have nothing to fear. Now there is a tendency to eat more than necessary and this could complicate your health especially if you suffer from diabetes or obesity. A good balance is what you need.

Virgo Work
If you apply your talents and abilities effectively you will be very successful, but today you should concentrate more on your rest and prepare both physically and mentally for the next stage of work that will be very intense and charged.

Virgo Money and Luck
Do not rely on chance to solve your problems and do not waste your income. Keep a strict control on your expenses so as not to exceed or get tangled up in debts. Apply your sense of saving and you will see how the money necessary in your time appears.