Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 18th October 2020

Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 18th October 2020

Sextile of your ruler Mercury! What you project, what you think about yourself and your reality, that will be what you will pick up. This will be a different day in your emotional reality. Your fears about renewing a contract are a thing of the past and you successfully overcome your emotional crises and job insecurities. Now a cycle of recognitions opens and you will be able to count on a stable and productive job. You see yourself as the center of the world and you feel master of your emotions and your future. Your enthusiasm is contagious and if you remove that touch of jealousy and possessive feelings you will make whoever is next to you very happy.

You will encounter a lot of annoying things, especially problems from interpersonal relationships, which will make you feel bad. There will be entanglements of all kinds of villains around you. It is recommended that you try not to have beneficial entanglements with others, so as not to waste your day in arguing. When you need to concentrate, social software recommends turning on the message-free mode to avoid being disturbed. Singles are not sure about their own minds, so it is not suitable for them to develop a relationship temporarily. When you are in love, you should express your thoughts clearly and don’t use jokes on important things.virgo daily horoscope 18th october 2020

Interpersonal relationships should be handled calmly, try to maintain an independent attitude, and don’t trust others’ suggestions too much. You need to have your own independent judgment. There may be friends and relatives who will borrow money from you. I suggest that you don’t agree with you if you don’t have enough conditions. Likely, the money you borrowed will not come back for a while. Emotionalization will be more serious. You may get angry because of small things, which will have a certain impact on your health. Pay attention to your own adjustment.

Virgo: Virgo has a good fortune today. There are more pressures in life and work. Fortunately, you can handle it. In terms of relationships, your fortune is average. Some people in intimate relationships like to point to you, but you don’t care about those words and focus on each other. Your career is pretty good, with heavy responsibilities and pressure at work, and there are not many people who can help yourself, but you have a strong stress resistance and things will not easily overwhelm you. In terms of wealth, your fortune is average. In terms of investment and financial management, if you have a good idea of what project to start, don’t listen to those interferences. In terms of health, the fortune is good, and the physical problem is not serious.

The cosmic energy that arises from the action of the Moon associated with the aspect of your ruler Mercury in trine with Neptune this Sunday creates an intense field of action that will bring you closer to love from the past, an exciting adventure that at the time was unforgettable and now it reappears to qualify in a refreshing way within your love reality, your love life, affection in general.

What an outburst of love! Saturn doesn’t do things by halves in this area today. In the program? A crazy bond with your partner, naughty games galore and a dynamic regained as on the first day … This is what is called being in seventh heaven! For singles who are impatient not to find the right fit for them, don’t lose hope: the day promises to be rich in meetings and one of them could be the right one!

Take care of your eyes that these days are somewhat sensitive and if in your family there is a history of people with poor vision problems, glaucoma, diabetes, or other similar conditions, as well as if you are nearsighted and need glasses, this is the time to go to your eye doctor, in this last quarter of the year.

On the health side, if you have a few pounds to lose and you plan to start a diet, it must be done under suitable conditions. Do not rush. With a little planning, you’ll have reached your ideal weight before summer. For example, winter should be avoided, a sudden change in diet during low temperatures can adversely affect your metabolism. Likewise, if you are in a busy period, you will need all the energy reserves that your diet provides.

Don’t worry about work situations that are hitting you now. The reality is better than you might think and if you are looking for a job according to your personality you will get it sooner than you thought.

Money and Luck
Money insight, Virgo! Promising days are coming when the horn of plenty comes into your life, bringing with it prosperity and development. Follow your hunches, your intuitions, and premonitions that will tell you what to do, how, and when.

This is the perfect time to make good resolutions and adopt a healthier lifestyle that will positively impact your wallet. If you regularly spend your money on unhealthy habits such as cigarettes or junk food, for example, take full advantage of this favorable aspect of Uranus to reduce their costs. Your health and your budget will be better for it. Also, you will be able to use the pennies you save on these guilty pleasures better.

Family and Friends
Placid outside, bubbling inside… This is how you could be described on this day ruled by Mars. The red planet, very poorly aspected, reduces your patience to the skin of grief and makes your irritability explode. As a result, you are execrable with those around you, whether at work or in your family and friendly life. Obviously, the closer the person is to you, the more disagreeable you are… In short, someone should not come and titillate you today at the risk of getting angry in return.

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