Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 19th June 2022

The energy of the recent solar eclipse in Gemini will shake up your professional or work area, starting a period of change for you, as well as a whole process in which you will ask yourself what you have been contributing to society and the world. So now is an excellent time to initiate such changes. Although the sign of Virgo gives you great ability to perform several things at once, the energy of the eclipse will lead you towards a focus, so that you dedicate yourself to that specific area in which you can excel.

Due to the energy of Neptune projected in the 7th house, it is likely that the current sentimental link will be or will happen in an extremely strange way, even pathetic, in which the feelings are greatly magnified and the person is idealized. Consider that when it comes to business, women will play a very important role in generating monetary resources as a whole, so if you currently do not have any business of this nature, it will be very positive that you venture into one.

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Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Monday 1st August 2022

You will be too energetic and more determined than ever today. This may make those around you dizzy. Overwork is felt, you would need escape, a change of air, to get out of your daily life. You still need to take time and reflect before embarking on a drastic change. You have a lot to do to put order in your new priorities and to insert romantic, social or friendly partners. Do not get lost in plaintive considerations as soon as transactions do not go as you would like, rather act accordingly, show that you can be tough.

Your sense of humor will protect you from pitfalls, you will have enough tact to salvage a badly started case and this will allow you to recover a situation that could have been delicate for your team, so everything is fine. The bustle returns with a mobile sky, favorable to travel, exchanges, information and discussions. The critical spirit will offend some but others will be overwhelmed by their varied projects. It is perfectly at ease when you approach a new job or a new environment. You are immediately on familiar ground and you find your bearings without difficulty, change motivates you when others find it anxiety-provoking. Your adaptability is amazing.

Pluto is in Capricorn, indicating that unhealthy behaviors related to power or control can affect a romantic bond. Coercion will be another way of controlling the partner, if you are not expressing this energy it could be your partner, in one case or another, it will imply a growth process, as long as these little evolved forms are overcome.

It is better to avoid all forms of authority at this time because those around you would not support it. If you provoke rebellion you can only blame yourself. As a couple: You need to acquire material possessions to feel truly secure, and this may not be the case for your partner who would be more reassured by spiritual freedom. If you’re not on the same page right now don’t react being rude, this situation will fade soon. Single: You are not very responsive to proposals from your loved ones at the moment. They may turn to someone else for support. It would be a shame, it could help you to strengthen ties with those you love. It won’t hurt you to lend a hand.

Depression or melancholy are states that Saturn in the 6th house could generate if you let yourself be carried away by these low energies; such states can lead to joint problems or cramps in the extremities. The wait weighs on you, you don’t want to have to wait too long. The first efforts to hide your impatience might be difficult, but with a little practice, you can do it!

You will carry out your tasks with great seriousness, Saturn in the 6th house makes sure that the work is done perfectly, otherwise you will be reprimanded by the great Master of Karma. Responsibility and concentration are other qualities that you will have to manage successfully if you want Saturn to reward your work.

Your plans are imbued with idealism but you are struggling to achieve them. We question your methods, your skills or your character which bristles your hierarchy. By dint of playing mavericks, you could bite your fingers!

Thanks to the lunar influxes in the 2nd house, your earnings will have a lucky star, although the resources will arrive fluctuatingly, like the tides caused by the Moon; it is a position that favors trade and its movement of goods. If you want to make major purchases, it might be better to wait until the atmosphere suits you better. You are not on the same wavelength as your interlocutors and you could acquire things that you have no use for.

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