Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 1st November 2020

Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 1st November 2020

Venus in transit through the fire element will help you a lot to develop your empathy, Virgo. You will better understand others, the motivations of others, the reason for the action of someone whose words or actions will surprise you. Your sign is receiving the retrograde impact of your ruler Mercury, which requires you to be very cautious and forward-looking when making important decisions. Delve into what you have inside your heart, Open your mind and your heart to what is now appearing in your life in such a subtle way, if you remain attentive you will discover many things.

Today’s pressure will inspire you to reevaluate your program. You should include more rest time in your daily routine. Sometimes you can work for days without taking a moment to recharge your batteries. Then you get tired from one moment to the next, without knowing why. Try to design a better routine that allows you some time for creativity and relaxation. You will find that you have more energy and you feel in better spirits.virgo daily horoscope 1st november 2020

It is very likely that due to the astral configurations present in your horoscope with the Moon in your element this weekend you will meet that person who has been spinning you in your imagination and fantasy for a long time. What you once lived, but was forgotten, is now relived and brings to the present pleasant moments that will create the future from the present of today.

You may want to keep your ears open. You may receive a useful suggestion from someone who loves you well. A colleague could inform you about your progress in the workplace. Or an investor you know could give you some important financial advice. You could even receive some guidance from your partner. Adopt a humble attitude so you can listen and learn.

In a Relationship, nothing will disturb the serenity of your relationship today. As for singles, however, things are likely to change! Love might come about through a former conquest or a longtime colleague. If you take the plunge, know that this relationship is not really made to last. You will have a lot of fun with your new partner, but your differences in point of view will be too great. But maybe a relationship without a plan or rules is just what you need?

There is a warning call for you to become more aware of your health care. Don’t be careless, Virgo. See a doctor if you experience some disorders that are not fully resolved with traditional medicines.

Whatever you do, drink only decaf. Surely today you will be walking through the walls. Your colleagues can’t keep up with you. In reality, they have no desire to do so. You are a bit impossible for someone to want to be close to you. Why not give them a break, even for yourself, and get some exercise during your lunch break? A brisk walk will ease your nerves and you can have a much calmer afternoon, for the good of all.

Chances are your day will be spent in anxiety. Maybe you are under pressure in your job, or conflict with some of your loved ones. You are not helpless in the face of these fluctuations in your mood. A good way to release the pressure is to do a little workout. Physical activity has antidepressant properties that will quickly make you smile again. For example, a yoga session will help your relaxation, a jog will allow you to clear your mind of negative thoughts.

If you are looking for a job and you have not found it yet, the news in this first fortnight of November will be encouraging because soon you will have what you have been trying to achieve unsuccessfully for some time.

Because of your special sensitivity, you may find it difficult to express what you want to say at this moment. Maybe the person you need to talk to is intimidating you a bit. Let go of shyness when starting a conversation about topics that are not usually discussed openly. Things will get worse if you don’t bring the resentment out of you.

Money and Luck
A cycle of money and prosperity is coming, however, be prepared for some delays in your efforts since due to the retrograde action of Mercury, not everything will turn out as you think. Fortunately, what results will be better than expected and as the first days of November unfold, you will be closer and closer to achieving your goals. Virgo Luck Today

You are intuitive by nature, but today you will probably have a streak of psychic premonitions. Coming to understand your own character can bring old traumas to the surface of your mind so that you can release them. Your dreams can be especially vivid and somewhat disconcerting, although not in a negative way. Write to them! Your sense of aesthetics is also very high. Don’t be surprised if you find out that you are quite partial to Impressionist art!

Your budgetary circumstances could fail you soon. Especially if you have festive events on the way. You could be lacking the resources to please your loved ones. Now is the time to show inventiveness and pragmatism. Let your creative side do the talking! Invest in inexpensive materials to make handmade gifts. A gift that comes from the heart, in which you have put your time and talent, is worth as much as a purchased gift.

Family and Friends
The current astral climate makes you susceptible and particularly picky. In the family sphere, this could get you into a big argument with your parents or your spouse on an apparently trivial subject. By putting a little water in your wine, the hurricane should quickly turn into a small, temporary storm. On the side of your friendships, things will be calmer. In this climate, however, not conducive to heart-breaking outpours, you might even receive some nice compliments from your closest friends. Enjoy them!

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