Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 23rd September 2018

Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 23rd September 2018

A comment from someone envious could disconcert you and cause an air of suspicion in your love relationship. Be careful because not everything you hear is true. Do not let yourself down.

This period should be of meticulous observation and much reflection before acting, and thus there will be nothing to regret. Remember that you are already in your new year of life, that is, the one that has started from the end of your birthday cycle and this astral stage. Live it intensely, every day in your time, without exaggerations, but without worrying unnecessarily for what you can not solve.

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It is possible that some things do not go the way you have planned and you will be required to apply your natural intelligence to prevent them from filling you with unjustified jealousy. Apply the positive and balanced sense of your Virgo sign and you will achieve wonders in everything you set out to do.

You could be a little anxious during these days. Many times certain changes in the pulse or heart rhythm have their origin in emotions, but if you persist or have a history of cardiovascular problems consult your doctor.

During this period of the year it is not convenient for you to be changing jobs or activity at this time unless you are very sure of the seriousness of the place where you plan to go to work. Otherwise, wait and learn properly.

Money and Luck
Chance will be showing you its positive side and there will be a favorable outcome in a lottery or casino game. However, due to the prevailing tonic the first days of the month you should be cautious and not bet too much so as not to lose what you have saved with so much effort.