Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 27th March 2022

Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 27th March 2022

The Moon is in your house 1, so your personality will be marked by everything that arises from your emotions. Be very careful to find a balance between your thoughts and your feelings because the opposition between the Moon and Mercury will be putting internal noise in you, so meditating is a good option to place order between your emotions and your thoughts.

Approaching your family will be something quite beneficial for you since it is there where you will find the attention, care and affection necessary to be able to heal any negative emotions that are around you since Fortune lives inside your house 4 so it will fill you with joy and excellent moments with your loved ones within your family.virgo daily horoscope today sunday 27th march 2022


You can find affinities with people with intellectual interests, such as a taste for philosophy or science, because Mercury lives in your 7th house. Mars is squaring Mercury from the 10th house so that you may be having enough success in your profession or at work, and that leaves you with little time to interact with new people, so don’t despair. There will be time to walk in love.

If you can approach your friends, communicate, send them a greeting or invite them to eat, these will be actions that will help you to continue maintaining good and healthy relationships with them since The conjunction with the Sun weakens venus; so all those joys and pleasant moments that you normally share with your friends will be very limited, so make a little effort and take care of those relationships that are so valuable to you.

Today, communication with others will occur more than anything on the subtle plane rather than the verbal one. When the phone rings, you’ll know who before you pick up the tube. You may also receive other people’s thoughts telepathically. Books and articles about people who have had similar experiences can help you understand this. Do not resist! Let yourself go with the flow.

This is a somewhat difficult time to relate to other people because Mercury is within the sign of Pisces in the 7th house. That is where this planet finds its fall so that Pisces’ emotional and noble energy is truncated limited by so much mental energy that It has Mercury. This within love will indicate coldness and over thoughts with your partner or difficulty approaching new people due to thinking about it so much and negative conditioning that you must discard from yourself.

A friend or neighbor will introduce you to someone exciting who could become a potential mate. The fascinating conversations that will arise between you and this person will make you see that you share a physical attraction and many intellectual interests. There is potential here. Proceed with caution, but keep going.

You will be in better relational quality with those around you. Good news arrives by mail. The wind of optimism that is blowing gives you the need to escape, leading to sometimes dangerous excesses, especially at the muscular level. You benefit from facilities to make an objective and precise assessment of your efforts over the past two years. You move past an important issue and feel freer to do things your way. An atmosphere filled with wisdom is announced today. Your feelings are filled with tenderness; express them fully. True heart impulses are crowned with success thanks to anchoring energies, beneficial to any lasting relationship. You love deeply!

Your health will remain quite stable and healthy because you have the magnificent energy of Jupiter in your 6th house in addition to having Saturn that rules the sign that lives in this house, Aquarius; character where this malefic planet becomes lighter and more peaceful, so its harmful effects will be reduced and the mercy that Jupiter offers will be protecting you from any disease. However, it does not hurt to take care of your nervous system by sleeping well, exercising and avoiding many stimulants since Aquarius is prone to nervous diseases.

Today is a good day to get closer to someone special. If you are already involved in a relationship, you will want to plan a romantic dinner. Spend time truly sharing your feelings and dreams. You will feel great as you will build a stronger emotional bond. If you are single now, there may be an especially attractive acquaintance. Do not be afraid to invite her to spend a pleasant night, but do not get carried away by emotion: be courteous and discreet. You will see how it works. This beautiful day calls on your vital forces, asks you to be present, active and reactive, and attentive to maintaining your physical resources. You have to manage with a busy schedule and many concerns.

Your innovative and revolutionary ideas can find a good reception within your working life, so it would be very good if you exposed them to your co-workers or in those Monday meetings, because Jupiter will be bringing a lot of expansion and good Fortune to those projects that your creative mind is originating and that in Aquarius they take on a novel and very original tint.

Not every day can be smooth and easy. Today, you will feel stressed because the tasks to be done have piled up to the point that you can no longer ignore them. They can wait a few days, but think how nice it will feel if you look back in a week and see that you have finished everything. Try to stay focused and positive. In the end, reward yourself with something special for having reached your goal. You will probably have the opportunity to savor a triumphant moment. Either you succeed in the eyes of all, or someone who tried to make you slip has a backlash. Either way, you appreciate it.

The good relationships that you have been building will be giving you connections today that will allow you to expand your commercial possibilities, your business and your economy in general since it is the harmonic energy of Libra in your 2nd house that enables good relationships to be in your favor and achieve success. Reach the right people for your projects or connect with the right clients.

Pay close attention to the information you receive today since everything indicates that an opportunity, professional or personal, will radically change things. Make your ears two radars that rotate in all directions, searching for important data. You will see that something or someone will have impacted you at the end of the day. And from there, you will build something new. The planets take turns to allow you to finalize a project if you had one. The period is favorable for investments. Good clues show you that you no longer have to worry about the financial side.

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