Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 27th October 2019

Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 27th October 2019

The good position of Jupiter in your Heaven will give you a beautiful marriage balance, which will not be disturbed by the differences of others. You will be pure and hard, desperately incorruptible. You will remain indifferent to the storms that you could arouse in others, lovers of dull or pretty women. Single, the good aspects of Mars will promote romantic attraction. Success will be great with the other love. Whatever your current situation, you will feel the visceral need to achieve love.

The presence of the planet Neptune in your Sky will exert a rather negative influence on married life. You may have unusual difficulties with your spouse or partner. You would be inclined to adopt a casual attitude. Single, it is likely that your partner will push you to accept his marriage proposal as soon as possible. Do not give in to his pressure. First, you must be completely sure of your choice. Beware of emotional embarrassment and wait for the lull of the senses to decide.virgo daily horoscope 27th october 2019

Money and Luck
Two stars will fight each other by influencing your finances. If the Sun strengthens your bank account by bringing you welcome cash flow, Mercury would rather tend to drag you into a succession of small expenses that, put end to end, may seriously puncture your assets. You must, therefore, arm yourself with willpower so as not to give in to the ruinous temptations. Virgo Luck Today

Mercury will influence your money sector. Mercury is the planet of intelligence and negotiation, should help you to obtain financial advantages, either by convincing a competent person to grant you some kind of premium or by getting loans from your banker. better conditions.

The strong current of luck that supports you for a few weeks will intensify today, helping you to realize your wishes in the course of your work. That’s right, this aspect of Neptune, very rare, indicates a significant expansion in terms of career.

In work, do not jump too fast, your mood is unstable at this time and your projects subject to sudden turnarounds. If you do not engage in a complicated situation, you will better enjoy your benefits and opportunities.

Mercury will this time govern one of the health areas of your natal chart. Since this is a positive planet, you should not have any problem. Be careful, however, to one of the facets of Mercury, which can sometimes make you very nervous. If this happens to you, do not hesitate to momentarily use homeopathic or herbal medication.

Astral atmosphere quite favorable to health. You will consolidate the acquired results and play on your main strength: the instinct of preservation. The day seems excellent to fight against infections of the genitourinary system. Consume vitamin E, which you will find in dairy products and vegetable oils, as well as in the germs of cereals and also the soup of thistles with basil.

Family and Friends
Encouraged by Pluto, you will know more about listening to the desires and needs of your loved ones. You will be able to install under your roof an atmosphere of harmony and a spirit of exemplary solidarity.

You should be entitled today to a climate of trust and complicity flawless family. Your loved ones, both your parents and your children or brothers and sisters, will all be in good shape and will establish with you relationships full of tenderness and trust.

Social Life
Some religious questions will not leave you of the day. “Is my religion the real one, you will ask, does hell really exist, and if all I have been taught is a human invention and not divine teaching? ”

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