Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 7th March 2021

Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 7th March 2021

There will be many options within your work and economic life starting next work week when your ruler, Mercury, recovers his direct transit. If you are on bad terms with your romantic partner, it is time to learn from your previous experiences. Do not let yourself be dragged into the world of mutual recriminations because that type of situation, far from fixing what was broken, contributes to digging an emotional ditch that can become the tomb of love, if you are not discreet, and think before you speak, and not the other way around. Great discussions are going on with those around you today.

Give him the benefit of the doubt and put the dialogue under the fraternal angle, it will allow you to understand each other much better. You will gain insight, this will allow you to take a step back from an important pending matter. You will be right to bet on moderation and reflection because it is in this way that you will be able to cross an important milestone. Very good day for love and romantic relationships. If you are free, today you likely meet a person with whom you have good prospects for the future.virgo daily horoscope 7th march 2021

Be attentive to the signs that life sends you. If you are one of the Virgos who is starting to date someone, recognize that you are somewhat distrustful about it and not only with this person, it is like a habit that you have and that does not benefit you at all. The normal thing is that people are loyal and honest. Luckily there are few “bugs” of those who just want to have fun or take advantage. Don’t judge everyone by the same standard just because you’ve stumbled across one. The best thing to do is to speak to that person honestly and tell them about your fears. She will thank you.

With the transit of the Moon through the fire element this Sunday, a prelude to the direct transit of your ruler Mercury, you are on a happy path that helps you forget past disappointments. You are going to look to the future with new hope and optimism and a great Virgo-type decision.

Natives living as a couple, marital life issue, you will have known better. You and your partner will hardly feel on the same page. Aggravating factor: a family issue that could accentuate your mutual incomprehension. It’s up to you to find an appropriate course of action! If you are a loner looking for companionship, your soul mate is unlikely to be there. Rather, you will have to find a compromise between your dreams and reality.

The day turns out to be promising and you should not hesitate to invest yourself. A flashback is possible within the couple unless a meeting (far away or outside your usual circle) comes to make you lose your mind … In a Relationship: Do not hesitate to put the other in the spotlight and if necessary, flatter him. You will win it because you are the darling of the stars! Instead of imposing yourself to pass in force, rather play the register of benevolence. Single: Be prepared to embrace the new and expect to constantly adapt to whims. We lead you towards your wildest dreams or we give you desires for faraway destinations, exotic loves

A good cycle for you if you recently suffered a domestic accident, fall, or similar injury since you are now in a frank process of the total recovery.

With this astral environment, now is the time to develop solid, sensible eating habits, especially if your scale is three or four pounds overweight. Mercury will support your efforts.

Put your things in order and take care of your lifestyle by playing sports. You will avoid serious problems. Do not pay too much attention to temporary problems which will naturally find their solution in the coming days.

There are good work waves in your horoscope, especially as the next week of March passes when Mercury, your ruler, will begin its direct transit on the 10th. If you are still unemployed, the moment you are waiting for is coming.

An opportunity to step out of the shadows and a routine job, get a promotion, get a golden job and communicate all over the place to your advantage. Now is the time to show yourself off and be sure!

The sector of your chart related to professional life will always be influenced by Jupiter, the planet of luck, which will give you good protection overall. You will therefore have nothing serious to fear. But Pluto will be able to resurface an old, poorly managed problem.

Money and Luck
Good news, Virgo! There are very positive aspects within your horoscope that will become apparent in the coming days of this month of the equinox. You will take daring steps in management that involve risks, but that will pay off. Virgo Luck Today

You feel ready to lift silver hills into mountains. Those who have a good idea to follow you in your financial projects will be very grateful to you when they realize the colossal profits.

This astral setup will not affect your finances if you manage your budget properly. But, otherwise, you risk seeing your situation momentarily shaken by the consequences of past mistakes. If this is the case, you will not have thirty-six solutions: this time, you will have to solve the problem correctly, and if possible definitively.

Family and Friends
With this aspect of Saturn, you will get along exceptionally well with your elderly parents, and they will give you no cause for concern. Also, you will benefit greatly from the experience and the philosophy that they have been able to acquire during their long existence.

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