Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 11th February 2021

Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 11th February 2021

You are on an exciting Thursday, Virgo, because your ruler Mercury, direct, has just finished its elongation and the Moon is in your sign in a fantastic sextile with Jupiter. Intuitive communication springs are activated, but also a certain nostalgic tone. When night falls, unleash your imagination and creativity with something fun. You are about to enter a love triangle because someone whose specialty is trying to conquer committed people is spinning you around and you must be very careful because you could get into a big mess if you have a stable partner.

This is a good day to turn the page. Perhaps it is time to start taking more care of your physique. If you smoke or drink excessively, it is the perfect time to end these habits. Consider starting an exercise program if you’re not already on one. Buy yourself some tapes or videos that motivate you to get excited, or go online for information. Before you know it, you’ll be looking and feeling great!virgo daily horoscope 11th february 2021

Moon in your sign! Your intuitive faculties are highly developed with this current planetary transit. Use your intuition and refinement not to say things that later cause problems with your partner, friends, or simply with others. Maybe someone provokes you and you feel tempted to answer in a brusque way, control yourself, you always know how to apply your logic and intelligence, do it today.

You can no longer stand the daily grind of your life together, the languor and numbness of your relationship? This is partly because of Uranus, whose strong presence today pushes you towards new adventures, big projects, bigger goals to achieve to feel good. Do not slam everything overnight, but take these desires and needs into account: whether you are in a relationship or single, some adjustments would be welcome.

You are going to come across interesting opportunities to make money, either today or shortly. It might be time to switch jobs, one that offers you faster advancement from positions and more financial stability. Once you reach a certain age, working on commission loses its appeal. You are ready for slow, safe growth in your career. Perhaps you should seek a financial advisor to advise you on the steps to take now to improve your life.

Make an effort not to complicate your life with other people’s issues or let the daily stress create problems for you when it comes to having lunch, resting, or eating. The health area is very well supported in this synodic month that we are living in February.

While some are transmitted by viruses and bacteria, you can spread your good mood wherever you are. It’s simple, the magic wand provided with your sign is enough to ease tensions. More than a quality, it is a character trait that emanates naturally from you. As a real firefighter specializing in a lonely soul, you extinguish the torments of the mind of your neighbor with disconcerting ease. You deserve the Gold Medal of Caring and Empathy!

At the moment things seem unstable. Problems are looming both in your professional life and in your personal life. Fortunately, you have the exceptional ability to solve them. Your powers for meditation are legendary, now is certainly the right time to put them into practice. Even if you fear that some may be bothered by your participation, know that others will be very grateful for your active intervention.

The work area requires that you take more care of certain matters that you have been postponing, but which must now be treated concretely and directly, relying on the good direct energy that comes from the transit of the Moon through your sign on this day.

Today your level of imagination and inspiration will be very high, so if you have been planning to start a new art project, this is the day to do it. You will also be very intuitive, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself in tune with the thoughts, feelings, needs, and desires of others, even strangers. Your higher mind is very close to your conscious mind. Make the most of it!

Money and Luck
You will receive long-awaited news associated with receiving money that you thought you were not going to be able to get. There is a tone of prosperity in your environment that extends to all productive areas of your life. Virgo Luck Today

You may receive a small amount today, perhaps from a friend who gives you money back, that will allow you to make a necessary purchase that you have been putting off. Although your health is not very good, you will feel so happy to be able to buy what you need that you will go out anyway. Spend the rest of the day resting.

Saturn frames your sign well. In a professional environment, you cultivate the art of helping your neighbor, of providing him with the knowledge, security, and recognition he needs. Many of your long-time colleagues appreciate your presence precisely because of this “papa hen” or “mama hen” side. Even if you win the majority of the vote, some people do not support your protective gestures. Don’t insist on convincing them, let them fend for themselves and realize the extent of their loss.

Family and Luck
Jupiter fills your home with life, love, and friendship. You multiply the projects. The passing guests jostle in the guest room and everyone responds to your invitation. This active social life does not bother your family members in any way. Moreover, your children regularly receive their friends at home, without this being a problem. You thus have the feeling of living their daily life fully, because you know and appreciate their relationships.

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