Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 12th November 2020

Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 12th November 2020

Today, Thursday, that your ruler is retrograde and the transit of Mercury occurs in front of the solar disk, happily other aspects that tip the cosmic balance in your favor, such as the trine with Neptune and the sextiles with Pluto and Saturn, coincide. Do not get carried away by any impulse of the moment but rather analyze what you are going to say and do, and of course, in love, do not make an impulsive decision based on a momentary emotion. The astral aura in your love life this Thursday is oriented towards home and family. It is a great time to strengthen your emotional ties.

This can be a night of love and great reconciliations because the transit of the Moon helps you to consolidate what could have been somewhat shaky or insecure. You will enjoy using the computer to investigate. There may be something you need to learn. Perhaps you are hoping to find more information on a business topic. Or you want to learn about a legal topic. You could even have fun trying to track down old friends. Use the wonderful tools that you have at your disposal. You will soon find the answers you need.virgo daily horoscope 12th november 2020

With Mercury at 120 degrees Neptune this day of the transit of your ruler in front of the Sun you must be consistent and if you promise something, fulfill it. The problem is when you are promising what you cannot deliver and then you find yourself in the middle of difficult situations. Love is not an illusion, but a feeling, and in this period you will realize what you really are worth and mean to that person.

You may be experiencing difficulties getting where you want to be. Have you considered shifting your focus to the people you meet and see if this makes any difference? You have a natural and innate charm, you know, that doesn’t have to be reserved solely for your personal life. Why not exercise that charm with a larger circle of people, and find out if you can make others see things your way. It’s worth a try!

Under the yoke of Mars, you reconnect with Donjuanism. You have neither the time nor the desire to be sentimental and have a good time without worrying about the next day. At least you have the honesty to announce the color from the start, because you don’t like to play with other people’s feelings, hypersensitive that you are. Right now, love is not part of your vocabulary, you stick to seduction and express breaking up.

You may have neglected your treatments which are not recommended since if you leave them you could lose what you have gained and now many things are easier.

Maybe today a close friend asks you out. You will feel good about the idea of taking a walk and feeling beautiful, even if you are not very fit. You deserve to reward yourself just as you deserve the recognition of others; relax and enjoy what is not vital, but is very pleasant. Flirt and have fun!

Your morale is very fluctuating. You oscillate between moments of great joy and times a little darker when you need solitude. Don’t let your mind wander, focus on the finer things in life. A good meal with your loved ones should perk you up. On the other hand, you should be happy to hear that the planets are good for your health and therefore you are not risking anything.

The cosmic influence that prevails in your sign in this second half of November is propitious for you to advance in the consolidation of the labor agreements that you have been postponing until a new opportunity.

Today some projects may be completed that have required a lot of intellectual work and on which you have been working for a long time. Your efforts will ultimately be appreciated, by those interested, and you will even receive public recognition of some kind. An increase in your income is looming on the horizon. You’ve worked hard to be where you are and they can’t blame you if you congratulate yourself. Do it!

Money and Luck
Although it is not in your nature to play or tempt chance, it is very possible that at this time, as a result of the transit of Mercury in front of the solar disk, you do so because a dream or revelation arises that could indicate the place, time and occasion to try a raffle, contest or competition that can give you money unexpectedly. Follow that inspiration. Virgo Luck Today

You may receive a small amount today, perhaps from a friend who gives you money back, that will allow you to make a necessary purchase that you have been putting off. Although your health is not very good, you will feel so happy to be able to buy what you need that you will go out anyway. Spend the rest of the day resting. Have fun!

The presence of Mars in your sign makes you euphoric … and for good reason! With your training in hand, you are ready to launch yourself into a series of challenges. Here you are, ready to reach the heights of success. Who says the future position of responsibility, says full of twists in perspective. Do not be afraid, you have always known how to regulate this flow of emotions, negative or positive. Calm down, you really aren’t lacking much to achieve your goal.

Family and Friends
With this aspect of Neptune, you watch over your family with great generosity. Each gift given to one of your loved ones implies equal value to others. You know how to curb your impulses: it would not be a question of spoiling your tribe too much. You benefit from an exceptional gift: an intuition that tells you the best way to please those who matter. You hit the mark … every time! By doing good around you, you promote your well-being and gain self-confidence. Keep going!

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