Virgo Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 14th July 2022

Well, your 11th house has Mercury, your ruling planet; with which your personality will be very influenced by the associations and clubs that you frequent and the connections that you make there will be very beneficial and full of useful information for your life.

Your 12th house is full of very strong emotional activity due to the Stellium of Venus, Mars and the Moon; this is going to be unconsciously causing certain havoc so in order to counteract it you must be very aware of what you do and how you develop during the day on an emotional level; seek to maintain control of this center in you.

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You are benefiting from the presence of Jupiter and Neptune from your 7th house; This will generate many experiences between you and your partner where you can enjoy and get to know each other in greater depth; so today is a day that you could be enjoying a lot with your partner and creating a better connection with her.

You have Uranus from your 9th house, which is excellent if what you want is to improve your studies or venture into a career that has to do with technology or scientific advances since this planet benefits this type of activity that you can take advantage of today for your professional development.

Today you will notice that your emotions are reaching a kind of monthly peak. Don’t worry, but be aware that you might attack others for no reason. You will be in tension and any comment or offense can fill the glass of your emotions. Harsh words spoken today can hurt feelings that will take a long time to heal; the best strategy is silence.

An impromptu social gathering could catapult you into a new social circle, perhaps one with shared interests you’ve been pursuing for some time. You may also meet someone interesting. Expansion at all levels is in the air. An intense desire for adventure runs through your veins right now, so get ready to live new experiences.

Pluto in your 5th house asks you to remove excuses and activities that make it impossible for you to fulfill your passions and let your heart be filled with pleasure and love for what makes you feel fulfilled in life; dare to do it and discover what you must remove from your being to perform your steps with greater ease.

Today you have a protective attitude towards your loved ones: children, relatives, friends, pets, that special person in your life. Unfavorable news makes you think about the future, but don’t let this afflict you. Everything will be alright? relax and enjoy the company of your loved ones. To distract yourself for a while, go see an exciting movie. This will help you release tension and position you in a more positive space.

Saturn inside your 6th house could be talking about certain difficulties or restrictions in you that could lead you to some health discomfort; so take great care of your mind and your diet so that if any drop in defenses were to happen, you can deal with it and avoid diseases.

Today you will be in a provocative mood. For the past few days, you may have been looking for an outlet for the overflow of energy that you are so lucky to have. Today you will have an opportunity, it is likely that innovative projects will appear on your way. If you face your demons head on, today you will discover a unique opportunity to get rid of the taboos or fears that you have been carrying for so long.

Being able to carry out your work activities without problems will be something that may not happen today thanks to the presence of Saturn from your 6th house, which could represent a bossy boss who gives you a lot of workload or norms or rules that are very strict and prevent you from develop professionally openly.

You must accept that you need to get out more. You always feel better after sunbathing or fresh air. These last few days you may have felt exhaustion and emotional disturbance. Your nerves are on edge. Partly because of your lockdown and absorbing stressful energy at work. Today you will reflect on your habits and see if you can change your routine.

Money and Luck
You will be able to improve your economy if you make correct use of your relationships and the ability to establish camaraderie or even friendship connections with your customers or suppliers; since Fortune from your house 2 is going to fill you with luck in your economic relationships and in the earnings you receive today.

The project to which you have dedicated a lot of time will bring you a certain sum of money. But don’t be disappointed if you don’t have it today to spend. It may take a while to arrive, perhaps due to a problem in the mail. Focus on new projects now, and while you have plenty of ideas, you won’t be making firm decisions or definite plans today.

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